ST9000 690V Frequency Inverter

Frequency inverters for voltages up to 690V are a perfect solution to regulate three-phase motors with a high performance output and torque. The motor can be efficiently used to its maximum power while the motor and gearbox will be protected. In our store we have a wide range of frequency 690 Volt inverters in the power range of 55 kW, 75 kW 93 kW, 110 kW, 132 kW, 160 kW, 187 kW, 200 kW, 220 kW, 250 kW, 280 kW, 315 kW, 355 kW, 400kW, 450kW, 500kW, 550kW, 630kW, 710kW, 800kW, 900kW and 1000kW available. With our inverters you get easy adjustability of torque and speed for each of your individual projects. Therefore you can use the 690 Volt frequency inverters in applications such as pump controls, conveying technology, lathes/turning machines, milling machines, elevators, hoists and compressors. Installation of our high power inverters is thanks to easy installation functions as well as the plug and play option fast. User friendly input panels as well as easily readable digital displays gives customers an intuitive and user friendly control. Furthermore our 690 Volt inverters have an impressive overload capacity. Due to the overload capacity our inverters can take short overload situation without trouble and without any damage to the inverter. Other characteristics of the inverters include reliability and robustness. Even during bad conditions in industry or trade our inverters work for extended periods of time fault free. Intelligent security features protect the motor and the frequency inverter. These features include standardized quick-stop and emergency-stop functions, as well as an integrated brake chopper. Digital in- and outputs make an optimal integration possible and allow for a variety of external control functions.

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  1. Frequency Inverter ST9300 - 690V 187-550kW
    Frequency Inverter ST9300 - 690V 187-355kW

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    • Power: 187 - 355 kW
    • Current: 198 - 374 A
    • Voltage 690V 3-phase (mains/motor)
    • Digital- and analogue I/O's
    • Extended PID control
    • Double display (e.g. acutal-/target freq.)
    • Parameter sets switchable (4)Overload ability: 1min. 150% / 2 sec. 180%
    • Control panel switchable (LAN-cable)
    • Automatically identification of motor parameters
    • Integrated protection concept
    • Several accessories: RS485, EMI filter, brake resistors, Software ST®9000 Bundle, ST®DLV 1.0 LabView, ST®APP 1.1 Android
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