ST500 | Introduction to Operating: By Changing the Target Frequency

To change the target frequency of F0.19 = 50.00Hz (the default factory setting) to e.g. F0.19 = 250.00Hz, proceed as follows:

  1. In the monitoring mode (the mode that is active when you switch the inverter on) you need to press the PRG – button to access the parameter groups.
  2. After you have done that, look for where it says “-F0-“, as this is where the parameter group is. You can scroll through the parameter group using the arrow keys ▲ ▼ and select a parameter by pressing ENTER
  3. Since you have to change parameter F0.19 you need to scroll with the arrow keys ▲ ▼ until you reach F0.19 and then press ENTER .
  4. The maximum output frequency will now appear on the display panel as 050.00.
  5. In order to adjust the parameter from F0.19 to 250.00 scroll with the >> >> – button to the correct place and change with the arrow keys ▲ ▼ . Once you have selected the new maximum frequency, press ENTER to save the setting changes.
  6. If you want to use the new frequency, you need to set the parameter F0.21 to the same frequency. Also the motor parameter b0.04 can be set higher than 50 Hz.
  7. When you double click the PRG – button on the drive, it will return to monitoring mode.