Sourcetronic GmbH - we love electrons.

Whether in the lab or in production, in building or civil engineering, automotive technology or in the field of energy - reliable electronic measurements form the base for smooth operation of countless terminal devices. Sourcetronic ensures that you can depend on your measurements. For many years Sourcetronic produces powerful electronic devices and test equipment for drive engineering, metrology and solar technology.

Apart from frequency inverters or ac drive you will find solar inverters, insulation testers, desktop multimeters, megohmmeters as well as other quality electronics in the ST frequency inverter shop, creating a surplus value for your business. In practice all devices from the frequency inverter to the microohmmeter work with high precision and absolute reliability. The values calculated are easy to reproduce in subsequent measurements. The ST®Drive software provides for comfortable drive and control of the frequency inverters.

No matter what you need, a frequency inverter or an insulation tester - a high level of user orientation is paramount for Sourcetronic. To achieve this, apart from intelligent technologies an obvious optical product design is relied on. The LCR meter features a clearly subdivided command structure supporting first-class integration into software test systems or LabView. ST series Sourcetronic LCR meters simultaneously are quality multimeters being used as ESR meters in production and manufacturing as well as laboratories and universities. The User-friendliness of ST frequency inverters is already visible on startup:

Due to the self-adapting ramps and automatic this is done by the single push of a button. The sophisticated vector control of the ac drives ensures a uniform drive quality even in case of a sudden change of load. Due to reliable safety features like "PID feedback abnormity" drive and motor are optimally protected even under challenging circumstances. In addition engineers, technicians and electro-mechanics but also private individuals can buy ac drive accessories like drive-resistors and EMC filters here. The application fields for ac drives are numerous. Modern building is not imaginable without ac drives in heating, ai conditioning systems and ventilation e.g. in pump control or standard applications with high integration density. The power of your ac drive can freely be chosen from 0.75 kW to 7.5 kW up to 630 kW. Mains voltage is available as 230 V, 400 V, 500 V, 690 V and 1150 V.

The frequency inverters feature a RS485 interface as well as digital and analog I/O ports and multi-functional ports (230VAC/30VDC, 5A). Furthermore these RoHS and CCE conforming frequency inverters are equipped with numerous safety functions like short circuit, ground fault as well as over- and undervoltage protection. By their extremely wide range of services and the numerous functions Sourcetronic frequency inverters meet all requirements of modern industrial applications.

Visit the ST shop and set the foundation for an even higher standard in your business - with quality electronics from Sourcetronic! For more information about our products, please visit About convenient meters.