ST500 230V - 230V from 0.75kW to 7.5kW

The powerful vector controller inverter of the ST500 series is a 230V frequency inverter which can be ordered in the power classes from 0.75kW to 7.5kW. Flexible control and parameterization is provided by a removable control panel, which is connected to the inverter by a lantern cable. The individual parameters such as frequency, voltage, current, torque and PID can be easily set via a large rotary control and can be read exactly via the digital display. Thanks to the use of powerful and high-quality components, the inverter is capable of 180 percent overload for two seconds and 150 percent overload for one minute. Sourcetronic also offers a wide range of frequency inverter accessories, such as EMC filters, mains chokes or braking resistors.

The various applications of the 230V frequency inverter

The frequency inverter-230V is ideal for use in industrial machinery, fan and water pump drive control and various drives, such as those used in materials handling, or gate and garage drives.

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  1. Frequency Inverter ST500 0.75KW - 7.5KW 230V
    Frequency Inverter ST500 0.75KW - 7.5KW 230V
    As low as €154.90
    • Only suitable for 3-phase motors
    • Voltage 230V
    • Digital- and analogue I/O's
    • Extended PID control
    • Overload ability: 1min. 150% / 2 sec. 180%
    • Automatically identification of motor parameters
    • Integrated protection concept
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