With the Sourcetronic ST Drive software you are able to control a AC-Drive through a set of parameters with a USB-connection from a laptop or PC. After installation of the software and connection of the AC-Drive to the computer, it is possible to alter and read different parameters like rotation speed of the motor, time of activation and time of deactivation. Further it is possible to plot the motor current and target rotation speed of the motor versus measuring time when operating the AC-Drive. The measurement data can be saved as .csv file.

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  1. Frequency Inverter Software ST®Drive
    Frequency Inverter Software ST®Drive
    • Control of a AC-Drive via USB connection to a laptop or PC
    • Devices: ST500 / ST600 series
    • Comfortable communication via USB
    • Clear parameter structure
    • Simple changing of parameters
    • Monitor function: Graphic display of current process data, e.g. motor current or motor frequency
    • Parameters can be stored in the PC and printed out via a printer
    • Saved parameter files can be reloaded as a backup
    • Communication via USB-RS485 adapter cable
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            • App Bundle
              Smartphone ST®APP Bundle Bluetooth
              • Control of a AC-Drive with an Android App via bluetooth
              • Devices: ST9000 / ST500 series
              • Plug and Play
              • Control
              • Operating system: Android
              • Language: English
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