Relay Matrix

In many production plants, different test types or different connections of a DUT are tested one after the other. To avoid manual switching and the resulting loss of time, switching with the aid of a relay matrix is important. This multiplies the measurement outputs to the desired number of test points. This enables fully automatic switching of individual test points or disconnection of connections between different measuring instruments. The relay matrix STM has a modular design and can be extended to the desired number of measuring points. Due to this flexibility, any test combinations of the connection points among each other are possible.

Resistance tests, capacitance tests or inductance tests are often performed as four-wire measurements to increase the accuracy of the measurement results. Such tests are often performed in combination with high voltage, insulation, or surge testing up to 5kV. Resistance testers, multimeters or LCR meters are not designed to withstand voltages at the input. Therefore, it is important that the test equipment be isolated from each other. Since many DUTs can also have a capacitive influence, the energy can be stored in the DUT and a discharge can only occur after the matrix has been switched. This is dangerous not only for the tester but also for the measuring devices. In the Sourcetronic STM- Matrix a discharge circuit and optionally a discharge monitoring is built in. This discharge monitoring can be controlled in combination with the intuitive ST®EOL operating software, for example by means of a locked test cage that can only be opened when no voltage is measured at the output relays.

The control of the relay matrix is optionally controllable via LAN or RS232 interface. Due to the robust 19" housing, the relay matrix can be integrated into any existing test system.

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  1. Modular Relay Matrix STM
    Modular Relay Matrix STM

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    • Robust matrix in 4-wire technology
    • Measuring points can be freely interconnected
    • Test connection via Harting connector
    • Discharge circuit & discharge monitoring of the DUT
    • Measurement functions:
      • High voltage tests
      • Insulation resistance tests
      • Surge voltage tests
      • 2- or 4-wire inductance test
      • 2- or 4-wire resistance test
      • 2- or 4-wire capacitance testing
      • Continuity tests
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