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From the exhibition directly to you: In the sale are devices that have been in use for a short time for various reasons or are leaving the range. You can now buy the used frequency inverters, LCR meters, etc. at a low price. Is the device you are looking for not there? New deals come in regularly!

Demonstration units in Sourcetronic Sale

Many of the heavily reduced items were in use exclusively for demonstration at Sourcetronic - often only for a short period of time. They have been maintained by expert staff and are therefore in very good condition. In the drive technology and measurement technology sale, these are now available at particularly low prices.

Good to know: Many frequency converter demonstration units and similar equipment from the Sourcetronic stock sale have only been exhibited during trade fairs. As a result, the operating times are minimal and the devices are almost as good as new.

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  1. Compact Tester ST400-UHI-5010 Demo Device
    Compact Tester ST400-UHI-5010 Demo Device
    Special Price €5,890.00 Regular Price €6,200.00
    • User Interface Premium ST400 X8
    • 5000 VAC high voltage test
    • 1000 VDC insulation test
    • 5.7" TFT-Industrial-Touch-Screen
    • Large variety of interfaces
    • DataView software
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  2. Digital Bluetooth Multimeter STB35T+
    Digital Bluetooth Multimeter STB35T+
    Special Price €49.00 Regular Price €59.00
    • 4000 / 6000 count full scale reading, 3 5/6 display
    • ±0.5 - 1% + 2 digit basic accuracy
    • 3 in 1 functions: datalogger, multimeter and temperaturemeter
    • multi-connection for more than one device
    • Automatic and manual measuring range selection
    • True RMS function
    • Large display for easy data reading
    • Measuring Options: AC/DC, V, A, Ω, Hz, F, dB, °C, °F
    • Integrated Bluetooth modul
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  3. Frequency Inverter 93kW
    Frequency Inverter ST9200 93KW 400V Demo Device
    Special Price €2,999.00 Regular Price €3,149.00
    Price per week
    • Power: 93 KW
    • Current: 176 A
    • Voltage 400V 3-phase (mains/motor)
    • Digital- and analogue I/O's
    • Express delivery to construction site
    • Professional assembly, commissioning
      and on-site cosultation (optional) 
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  4. Megohmmeter MI-10KV
    Megohmmeter MI-10KV
    Special Price €1,080.00 Regular Price €1,790.00
    • 10KV Megohmmeter
    • Insulation resistance up to 2TΩ
    • Test voltages: 5kV - 10kV
    • Guard terminal
    • Rechargeable power-battery
    • Multiple scales for precision improvement
    • Charger 110 and 230 V
    • Accurate & rugged Heavy-Duty-Equipment
    • IP-54 protection
    • CE mark
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  5. HV Cable ST90003B-8 Demo Device
    HV Cable ST90003B-8 Demo Device
    Special Price €39.90 Regular Price €59.50
    • Devices: ST9201
    • Voltage: 10.000 VAC
    • Cross section: 4 mm²
    • Length: 8.50 m
    • HV cable red with:
      • HV plug white
      • HV clip isolated red
    • HV cable black with:
      • HV plug black
      • HV clip isolated black
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Returned equipment, remaining stock and more - 100% tested technology

In addition to the drive technology demonstration units, there are also returns, remaining stock and measurement technology special items to buy at low prices. In the context of a change of assortment or a sale, you receive new goods with high discounts. Returns were already with the recipient, but were sent back - but not because of defects. Before the Measurement Sale, all devices are approved by our technicians. The service includes:

✓ In-depth examination by an expert

✓ Calibration of measuring instruments

✓ Adjustment (if necessary)

✓ Reset to factory settings (for example for frequency inverters)

From accessories to low-priced frequency inverters: Sourcetronic sale

Sourcetronic's stock sale includes low-priced drive technology, measurement technology, frequency inverters and matching accessories - in the sale area you will regularly find discounted products of all kinds. The offer is subject to availability. Basically, all items listed online are available for immediate purchase.

Expert advice also for inexpensive used equipment

Which equipment fits into your plant? Sourcetronic offers expert advice for articles from the range - this also includes the sale area. For information on low-priced frequency converters, used high-voltage test equipment and the like, please call +49 421 277 9999.

Drive Technology and Measurement Technology Sale

All Sale advantages at a glance

Used equipment offers you various advantages - from the favourable price for special items (frequency converters, LCR meters etc.) to the immediate availability of used measurement technology. See here the most important advantages at a glance:

  • Cost-optimized purchasing
  • Depreciation possibilities on the favourable purchase price
  • Fast availability
  • Dynamic offer
  • Inspection by technicians

Tip: Also take advantage of our professional purchase of used equipment. You would like to sell your drive and measurement technology? Sourcetronic will be pleased to make you an individual offer.

Further used devices

As the requirements in the measuring environment are constantly changing nowadays, alternative procurement options are in demand. Sourcetronic is specialized in high quality used measurement and drive technology equipment. You will also find other special priced equipment such as milliohmmeters, insulation meters, oscilloscopes, bench multimeters or high voltage testers. Buy now at a fair price. Each deal only while stocks last!

Didn't find the right instrument for you? Contact the Sourcetronic service at any time. Maybe the product you are looking for is not yet listed, but already available. Furthermore, we regularly receive new Sale offers and are happy to mediate.

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