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The Sourcetronic glossary offers a wide spectrum of definitions and therms around electronics, frequency inverter, drive technology, measurement technology, measurement devices, solar technology and solar devices. The glossary is a living project with the purpose of making these definitions and therms better understandable. If you are missing something inside this glossary feel free to send us your suggestion using the following link:

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  • Brake chopperA brake chopper is used to monitor the DC link voltage in a frequency inverter [...]
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  • Dancer regulationSo-called dancers are used, for example, in winding […]
  • DC resistanceThe electrical resistance of a conductor is essentially dependent [...]
  • Digital multimeterA digital multimeter is a device for measuring various electrical characteristics [...]
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  • Effective resistanceFor an ohmic resistance or an effective resistance […]
  • Electric and magnetic SI unitsAnalogies can be found between the electrical circuit […]
  • EMC filterSince electromagnetic compatibility, or EMC for short, is […]
  • EMI FilterPerformance driven EMI filters are used to regulate and protect sensitive [...]
  • EN 60335The DIN EN 60335 outlines procedures for production testing [...]
  • EN 60601Electro-medical devices must be tested according to DIN EN 60601 [...]
  • ESR MeasurementEquivalent Series Resistance (ESR) refers to the internal loss resistance [..]
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  • Fan motorFans and their motors have become indispensable in modern industrial [...]
  • Four-terminal sensingA constant current source sends a constant current […]
  • Frequency inverterA frequency inverter is an electronic device which enables [...]
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  • ImpedanceImpedance (symbol Z ) is used in AC technology as a resistor in the current [...]
  • Impedance meterImpedance (Z) is an important parameter, used for [...]
  • Insulation MeasurementAn insulation resistance test is a method by which the security and [...]
  • Insulation resistanceThe insulation resistance is the resistance in ohms of wires [...]
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  • Kelvin contactsIn the 19th Century Baron Kelvin lectured as Professor of Theoretical Physics [...]
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  • LCR MeterAn LCR meter can be used to determine impedance, the complex resistance [...]
  • Leakage current measurementLeakage current measurement is performed as part of the safety test of an [...]
  • Leakage inductanceThe term leakage inductance describes the fraction of […]
  • Lenz’s LawLenz's Law focuses on electromagnetic induction. The [...]
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  • OhmmeterA microohmmeter is a resistance-measuring device with which low [...]
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  • Phase angleIt describes the phase shift between total voltage […]
  • Phase shiftIn a system with several sinusoidal functions, for […]
  • PhasesThe term phase refers to the process of […]
  • PID controlA PID controller is a control structure that attempts to achieve a[...]
  • Power chokeA power choke is connected between the mains supply and the inverter [...]
  • Protective relay testA protective relay test includes the review of protective devices [...]
  • PT100Temperature Control with PT100 as a protective measure for Electrical [...]
  • Pump controlPumps and pump controls are an indispensable part of today's [...]
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  • Skin EffectAt high frequencies mainly electrons at the surface […]
  • SMD adapterBoth the terms SMD adapter and SMD tweezers belong to the surface mounting [...]
  • SoftstartersWhen you turn on an electrical load, so-called inrush of current flows [...]
  • Speed ControlWe come across speed control of electric motors everywhere in a modern society [...]
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  • TransformerWith a transformer alternating currents can be transformed, […]
  • Transformer testerA transformer tester is used for determining the quality of a transformer [...]
  • TurnsIt specifies the number of loops for an […]
  • Turns RatioSometimes turns ratio is also called gear ratio [...]
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