EN 60335

The DIN EN 60335 outlines procedures for production testing of electrical appliances for household and similar uses. This is the domestic version of EN 60335, the most commonly used standard. The routine tests specified are recognised to be the minimum requirements to cover the essential safety aspects of EN 60335. There is a distinction between Class I examples (which are earthed) and Class II (which are not earthed.) An alternative to EN 60335 is the VDE regulation: VDE 0700.

The examination is carried out after assembling the complete unit. It a functional requirement that includes these individual tests:
a) PE test : min. 10A to 12V
Results with a removable power lead: not greater than 0.2 ohms
Results for other devices: not greater than 0.1 ohms

b) Dielectric strength : sinusoidal voltage for 1 second
Dependent on the insulation and protection class, up to 2,500 VAC

c) Functional check
Any malfunctions cannot prove to be dangerous.

The test can also be carried out with an HV DC voltage, but with 1.5 times the value of the AC high voltage. For further information refer to the VDE or EN standard. Sourcetronic’s electrical safety tester are suitable for fast final safety tests according to EN 60335.

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