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Measuring devices in professional environments provide exact measuring results and work extremely reliably. Such high quality technology can be expensive. Is the own budget for the purchase of a particular measuring apparatus set too low or is a device just for a limited time required, the hiring of measuring instruments may be the right solution.

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Benefits of rental equipment

Following Questions are important to make the right des decision, wheather you should rent or buy the device:

  • Is the measuring instrument just for a limited time required?
  • Which requirements are made on the device?
  • How high is the available budget set?

If you have decided to rent a measuring instrument, you do not have to renounce the proven quality of Sourcetronic. Before the devices are delivered to the customer, every leased equipment are detailed checked and accurate calibrated. Our wide range of rental measurement devices reaches from hipot tester, surge tester, digital earth tester, safety tester up to relay tester for mobile use or megohmmeter. You profits with comfortable rent conditions, fair prices and an adaptable appointment creation. Should the efficiency of a measuring instrument persuade you and you decide to buy this device, you get the rent price certainly on the purchase credited. So you habe the Chance to test the device in detail without taking a financial risk.

Do not hesitate and choose now of an efficient Sourcetronic rent devices.

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  1. Hipot Tester UH36 (Rental device)
    Hipot Tester UH36 (Rental device)
    Price per week
    • High voltage test 5000 VAC
    • AC current: 100 mA
    • 500VA construction power
    • Digital voltage regulation
    • Control by RS232 interface
    • 4-wire-technique
    • Digital I/O and CAN bus
    • Programmable ramp
    • Automatic START function
    • Safety in accordance with EN50191
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  2. Precision LCR Meter ST2838H
    Compact LCR Meter ST2832 (Rental device)
    Price per week
    • Frequencies: 20Hz - 200kHz
    • Basic Accuracy: 0.05%
    • Test parameter: |Z|, |Y|, C, L, D, Q, θ(DEG), θ(RAD), Δ%, DCR
    • Internal 0 - ± 5V/50mA bias source
    • 4.3" TFT LCD display
    • Interface: RS232, USB, HANDLER, GPIB (optional)
    • Measuring time: 13ms
    • Comparator function
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  3. LCR Meter ST2832 Rental
    Milliohmmeter ST2515 (Rental device)
    Price per week
    • Measurement display range: 0.1μΩ -110MΩ
    • Max. Accuracy: 0.01%
    • 4.3" colour-touch-screen
    • Resolution: 0.1µΩ (resistance)
    • Interface: LAN-LXI, RS232, USB HOST, USB Device, GPIB (option)
    • Temperature accuracy: 0.1°
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  4. Surge Tester ST2882AS-5 (Rental device)
    Surge Tester ST2882AS-5 (Rental device)
    Price per week
    • Voltage 500 V - 5000 V
    • Single phase and three phase, 250mJ impulse
    • 40MS/s sampling rate
    • Area, differential area, corona, phase diff.
    • Compare function between two phases
    • Remote control: Handler, RS232
    • GO/NOGO comparator
    • Options: Scanner, USB & GPIB
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  5. Milliohmmeter ST2515 (Leihgerät)
    LCR Measuring Bridge ST2829C (Rental device)
    Price per week
    • Frequencies: 20Hz - 1MHz
    • Basic Accuracy: 0.05%
    • Test parameters: |Z|, |Y|, C, L, X, B, R, G, D, Q, θ, DCR, Vdc-Idc
    • 7" LCD-color-display
    • Graphical analysis function based on frequency, AC voltage or DC bias
    • Measuring Speed: 9ms
    • Interfaces: USB, RS232, Handler, DCI, (GPIB option)
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  6. Universal Test System STM2-6143 (Rental device)
    Universal Test System STM2-6143 (Rental device)
    Price per week
    • Compact Relay Tester STM2
    • 6 powerful current ranges 15 A
    • 4 voltage ranges 300 V
    • 8 binary inputs / 4 binary outputs
    • LAN, USB, RS232
    • Relays: electro-mechanical, static, numeric, IEC 61850-IEDs
    • Comfortable user interface
    • Universal-calibrator
    • WIN7 Power-Test-Software
    • IEC61850 Goose
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  7. Microohmmeter MPK-2000
    Microohmmeter MPK-2000 (Rental device)
    • 10 A High-Precision-Microohmmeter
    • 4 ½ - digit backlit LC-Display
    • Resolution: 0.1 µOhm
    • Basic accuracy: ± 0.10 %
    • Test currents: 1 mA, 10 mA, 100 mA, 1 A, 10 A
    • Resistance reading up to 200 Ohm
    • Four-wire-measurement
    • Altitude: 3000 m
    • Hold-function
    • Rechargeable power-battery
    • USB communications
    • Protection IP54
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  8. Digital earth tester EM-4055 (Rental device)
    Digital Earth Tester EM-4055 (Rental device)
    Price per week
    • Earth resistance measurement up to 20kΩ
    • Built-in voltmeter
    • High accuracy and resolution
    • Immunity to spurious voltage interference
    • USB Data output
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