Transformer Tester ST2829CX (Rental device)

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  • Frequencies: 20Hz - 1MHz
  • Basic Accuracy: 0.05%
  • 800x480 LCD-color-display
  • Measuring Speed: 13ms
  • Interfaces: LAN-LXI, USB, RS232, Handler, DCI, (GPIB option)
  • LCR option


  • 7-inch 16:9 TFT LCD display with a resolution of 800x480
  • Up to 1MHz test frequency, 0.5mHz resolution
  • Signal amplitude range: 5mV to 10Vrms, 100μVVresolution
  • Test speed is up to 75meas/sec
  • Built-in 0-100mA/0-10V bias source (standard) or 1A bias source (optional)
  • Diode P/N characteristic detection can test all parameters of network transformer
  • Improved high turn ratio and weak coupling transformer test ability
  • Improved DCR test ability for low-ohm winding
  • Flexible time-labeling system: time of file setting, calibration and deduction can be saved
  • Sort the selected scanning parameters
  • Flexible deviation and deduction modes
  • Multiple handling ways for FAIL cases
  • Single parameter test cycle can be used to test a separate winding
  • Internal memory for up to 200 setting files and external USB memory for more
  • Test data and graphs can be saved as CSV, GIF format to USB memory
  • The built-in software provides analysis abilities, such as Cpk, Cp and Ck
  • Bar-code reading function can be used to select a setting file or to manage the type of test products
  • Parameter setting files are compatible with ST2818X/ST2819X
  • Program setting files with your local PC
  • Upgrade operation software of USB HOST and RS232C online
  • Multiple interfaces are optional for PC communication
  • To network multiple testers through LAN-LXI interface

What's in the box

  • ST1901B Manual transformer scanning fixture
  • ST26005B 4-terminal test fixture
  • ST26011A 4-terminal Kelvin test clip leads
  • ST26004B 2-terminal test clip leads
  • ST26016 Transformer scanning control cable
  • ST1901-001 Foot switch
  • ST26010 Gilding short board
  • Factory calibration certificate

Technical Specifications

Model ST2829AX 20-Pin Transformer Scanning Test + LCR Test (Optional)
ST2829X provides a 10-hour function-experience for LCR test. The experience version will be automatically turned off after 10 hours of using. If you do need this function, please contact our salesmen or distributors and provide your detailed instrument serial number.
Basic accuracy
(See operation
LCRZ 0.05%
Turn ratio
Calibration Warm-up time = 30 minutes, Environment temperature: 23±5ºC,
Signal voltage: 0.3Vrms – 1Vrms
Zeroing: After OPEN or SHORT Length of test cable: 0 m
Frequency of
test signal
ST2829AX Range: 20Hz - 200kHz Min. resolution: 0.5mHz
Accuracy: 0.01%
ST2829BX Range: 20Hz - 500kHz
ST2829CX Range: 20Hz - 1MHz
Output impedance of signal source 10Ω, 30 Ω, 50Ω, 100Ω(selectable), ±1% @1kHz
Level of AC test
Normal level 5mV - 10Vrms Min. resolution: 100µV,
accuracy: 10%xset
50µA - 100mArms Min. resolution: 1µA
Constant level 10mV - 5Vrms Min. resolution: 100µV,
accuracy: 10%x set
100µA - 50mArms Min. resolution: 1µA
DC bias voltage
0V - ± 10V Min. resolution: 0.5mV, accuracy: 1%x set voltage+5mV
0mA - ± 100mA Min. resolution: 0.5µA
DC constant current source (optional)
(for diode P/N characteristic test)
0 - ± 120mA Min. resolution: 0.5mV, accuracy: 1%x set voltage+5mV
DC bias current source
(optional, ST2901)
0 - ± 1A Min. resolution: 0.5mA, accuracy: 1%x set voltage+2mA
Load open voltage: = 9 V
Transformer test parameters Turn Ratio, Turns, Phase, L, C, Lk, Q, ACR, DCR, Balance, Pin Short, Diode P/N
LCR test parameters |Z|, |Y|, C, L, X, B, R, G, D, Q, θ, DCR, Turn-Ratio,Phase, Lk
Display range of DCR 0.00001 Ω - 999.999 MΩ
Display range of turn ratio 1:0.001 - 1000:1
Display ranges of LCR parameters |Z|, R, X 0.00001Ω - 99.9999MΩ
|Y|, G, B 0.00001µs - 99.9999s
C 0.00001pF - 9.99999F
L 0.00001µH - 99.9999kH
D 0.00001 - 9.99999
Q 0.00001 - 99999.9
θ (DEG) -179.999º - 179.999º
θ(RAD) -3.14159 - 3.14159
Δ % -999.999% - 999.999%
Diode test Positive voltage 0 - 9.9999 V
Negative current 0 - 99.999 mA
Measurement speed
(=10 kHz)
Fast: 75meas/ sec(13ms), Medium: 11meas/ sec (90ms), Slow: 2.7meas/ sec (370ms)
Equivalent circuit Serial, Parallel
Range mode Auto, Hold
Trigger mode Internal, Manual, External, Bus
Average times 1 - 255
Calibration function Open, Short, Load
Math operation Direct reading, ΔABS, Δ%
Delay time 0 - 60.000s, 1ms resolution
Comparator 10-bin sorting, BIN1~BIN9, NG, AUX
Bin counter
PASS/FAIL on front panel, LED indication on scanning fixture
Memory 200 sets of LCRZ setting files
200 sets of setting files for transformer scanning
10 sets of GIF files
Interface Control interface HANDLER (optional) on rear panel
SCANNER(compatible with TH1901A/B, TH1805A/B transformer scanning fixtures)
LAN-LXI, GPIB (optional), USB HOST, RS232C
Memory interface USB HOST (USB memory or bar-code scanning)

General Specifications

Temperature 0°C - 40°C,
Humidity ≤ 90%RH
Power supply Voltage 99V-121V AC, 198V-242V AC
Frequency 47Hz - 63Hz
Consumption Max. 80 VA
Dimension (W×H×D) 400mm×132mm×385mm
Weight Approx. 13 kg