Marine Frequency Conversion

In the Marine industry, especialy the survey world, you often find vessel with a wide range of power requirements. US equipment is often 60 Hz, Europe UK often 50 Hz. Vessel main power generators UK MOD use 60 Hz where as fishing vessels converted or general Merchant vessels UK Europe are often 50 Hz.

Here you can use a frequency inverter from Sourctronic. For example:

The generator has 440V 60 Htz, the motor has 380V 50 Htz. In this case you can use a Frequency Inverter ST9100 – 500V. This model has a flexible input range from 408V – 575V. The input frequency range is 50/60Hz ±5%. The output frequency can be choosen in the inverter setup. But you have to make sure that your motor works with 440V, because the inverter does not change the voltage output.

Reference: Marine Frequency Conversion

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