ST500 | Braking and acceleration times

With ST500 frequency inverter it is possible to retrieve various functions via the terminals DI1 to DI8. One of them is to select different braking and acceleration times during operation.

You may define 4 different braking and acceleration times and select these by using the DI terminals. Here is a configuration of two other times when terminals were chosen DI5 and DI6.

F0.11 = 4 Operation via terminal clamps and panel
F1.04 = 16 Terminal DI5 for Ac / Dc Terminal1
F1.05 = 17 Terminal DI6 for Ac / Dc Terminal2
F0.13 = 10 Acceleration time T1 to 10 sec
F0.14 = 10 Braking time T1 to 10 sec
F7.08 = 5 Acceleration time T2 to 5sec
F7.09 = 5 Deceleration time T2 to 5sec
F7.10 = 1 Acceleration time T3 1sec
F7.11 = 1 Braking time T3 1sec


If no level signal is applied to the terminals DI5, and DI6, the T1 time is used.
Via a signal at the terminals DI5 time T2 is selected, and via a signal to DI6 time T3. Another time could be selected via a simultaneous signal to DI5 and DI6.

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