ST500 | DC braking to hold engine into position

With the ST500 frequency inverter, it is possible to vary the braking behaviour with a superimposed DC braking voltage, so as to hold the motor in the stop position.
This is an example and the parameters as they need to be adjusted for this function:

The engine will slow down to a value of 20Hz by the DC braking voltage. The DC braking voltage is active for 30 seconds.

F3.08 = 5 Desired frequency from the time the DC braking voltage is switched on is 20Hz.
F3.09 = 0 Delay time to turn on the DC power
F3.10 = 30 Percentage share of DC voltage to rated voltage (intensity of the holding force)
F3.11 = 30 The DC braking voltage is held for 30sec

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