ST500 | Multi-speed function – Simple frequency or change of rotating direction

Multi-speed Function:

Speed1=50Hz, Speed2=40Hz and Speed3=30Hz


F0.03 = 6 frequency control on multi-speed
F0.11 = 1 regulator release on terminal clamps
F0.13 = 4 Acceleration time 4 sec.
F0.14 = 4 Deceleration time 4sec
F1.00 = 1 DI1 terminal for the Run command
F1.04 = 12 DI5 selection for multi-speed
F1.05 = 13 DI6 selection for multi-speed
E1.00 = 100 100% of the target frequency F0.19
E1.01 = 80 80% of target frequency F0.19
E1.02 = 60 60% of target frequency F0.19


After regulator release to DI1 the drive at the target frequency runs off with a braking and acceleration time of 4sec.

If there is a release via DI5 to DI1, the inverter will run with 40Hz.

A release via DI6 and DI1, causes a frequency of 30Hz.