Consulting Service: Have the frequency converter set up

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Consulting Service: Have the frequency inverter set up

More efficiency, quality and precision through intelligent motor control - this is what the frequency converter is used for. In order to be able to use its full performance range, individual parameterisation is necessary. Sourcetronic offers a convenient and professional service for this purpose with its adjustment service. Learn more here or contact our consultants directly.

Highlights adjustment service

  • Consulting and design
  • Notes on commissioning
  • Pre-parameterization of your inverter
  • Multiple speeds
  • Arithmetic functions of frequency presets
  • Frequency via external potentiometer
  • Start or base frequency
  • Maximum frequency
  • Ramp times
  • Digital control functions
  • Start-stop via external control signal
  • Left - right travel
  • Program operation
  • Braking resistor
  • Assignment of the multifunction keys
  • Selection of the error output via relay
  • Parameter list with optional parameters for optimization
You will also receive a wiring diagram with the equipment you require.

Frequency inverter adjustment service

The adaptation of the control unit to the process sequence on site is as important as it is challenging. Many companies therefore rely on the experience and know-how of Sourcetronic to have the frequency converter adjusted. The specialists for drive technology guarantee an optimal adjustment to the operating parameters. There are various options for this depending on the requirements:

In the context of a new installation, the software of the motor control unit is programmed before installation. This means that the ST technicians parameterise the frequency inverter at the factory and it is then fully set up and integrated into the system. If a comprehensive change is necessary, the inverter can also be adjusted subsequently in the ST-IT Center.

However, it is usually much easier and quicker to adjust the frequency inverter during operation. For this purpose Sourcetronic offers an individual decentralized support. Here, the customers describe which process parameters have changed, which new objectives have to be met and what the requirements for drive technology in general are. On this basis, the settings are adapted to the customer's specific needs. The system operator then receives an e-mail with all the instructions with which he can parameterize the frequency inverter.

In addition, Sourcetronic offers telephone consultation. Here, customers are put in direct contact with a technician who answers questions about the frequency inverter and parameterization. The setting service also includes instructions for connection, which can be accompanied by telephone if desired.

In principle, the service offer is aimed at all users of drive technology who wish to have a frequency inverter adjusted. Sourcetronic will carry out the basic setting as required or offer individual help in special applications.

Therefore, the correct basic setting of the frequency inverters is essential

The frequency converter is the central electrical component for controlling electric motors. These are used in industry, robotics and pumps in a wide range of applications. The basic principle is that the inverter adapts the speed of the motor to the actual demand.

This is a considerable advantage for the user, because the speed is directly related to various relevant process parameters. These include, for example, power, the delivery head of pumps, the speed of conveyor belts and many other variables. They can all be controlled via the frequency inverter.

In addition, system-specific details such as endstream, starting current, operating frequencies, the speed range, resistors and many more can be regulated. Sourcetronic programmers can set all these relevant variables via the frequency inverter.

Advantages and opportunities of individual frequency inverter parameterization

Parameterizing the frequency inverter has various effects and advantages. An important argument is the saving of operating costs due to the considerably reduced power consumption. Product qualities can also be improved, output quantities increased and operating cycles extended. To actually benefit from these advantages, the control system must be perfectly adapted to the requirements. It should be noted that faulty programming can lead to considerable damage to the entire plant. Professional parameterization is therefore strongly recommended. Sourcetronic will gladly take over this task. Would you like to benefit from this service and have your frequency inverters professionally adjusted? Then contact our team of consultants now and get your tailor-made solution.