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In the frequency inverter store of Sourcetronic you can choose from several different application areas. Firstly you can shop equipment for use with pump and fan systems, lifting and transportation applications as well as servo drives on our site. On the other hand the Sourcetronic Store offers inverters specifically designed for solar installations. These devices are also referred to as solar inverters.
With the introduction of our precision converters, you improve, among other things, the start-up and speed characteristics of three-phase motors. This is important for consistent performance and a long life. For when motors vary between massive loads and idle without any adaption on the part of their supply, these wear out faster. Sourcetronic inverters are suitable for 3-phase AC induction motors. With the equipment from our shop you will be able to fit your new drive system to suit the particular application. Since all frequency inverters are preset at the factory already, you can take your system from the shop into operation immediately. Install the Sourcetronic drive out of the box either on a wall or in a cabinet. Then enter the motor data from the nameplate and change the appropriate parameters to optimize the system.

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