Motor Control Configurable 0.75kW - 5.5kW 400V SMC005G3-C

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Motor control configurable

Create your motor control, as your project requires. Call for an individual quote if you do not find your desired components. The Sourcetronic team will provide you with an special offer for your individual needs.

Explanation of the individual components:

Frequency Inverter / Power

Here you can select the appropriate acdrive for you. Orient yourself to the motor data (rated current). If the power level is close to the power level of your motor, it is advisable to choose a higher power level to the inverter.

EMI input filter

The EMC/EMI input filter is used for filtering interference voltages from and to the grid. It is used to reduce the noise of electromagnetic signals that could affect nearby devices, such as computers, monitors, PLC, phones. Without such an EMC filter it can lead to malfunctions and in the worst case to the loss of sensitive electronics.

EMI output filter

The use of an EMC/EMI output filter brings many improvements. The motor will be protected by the smoothed sine signal, the live time increases substantially and EMI will be greatly attenuated. This allows a much longer line to the motor. In short lines you can under certain circumstances use a regular cable instead of shielded cable. More Postive features would be the reduction of engine noise, reducing of additional motor heating and increasing the efficiency of the overall system.

The EMI filters will be installed with a protective housing that will meet the standards of EN-60204 (back of the hand test).


Depending on ambient conditions and the Inverter capacity a fan should be installed in the control cabinet. We recommend to use a fan.

Cabinet type

For installations in dry places such as in the production hall, garage etc. you can use the standard cabinet. In humid areas, and outside buildings you should select in any case the stainless steel version. (Optionally a stainless steel rain protection roof is available, ask our sales for an offer)

Main switch

To safely disconnect the drive and the motor from the main power, the main switch is recommended. For maintenance purposes, a lock (not supplied) can be used to protect the switch from an unplaned power on.

Circuit breakers

To protect the motor and the ac drive you can select a circuit breaker here.

Switching and control options

  • Control switch "HAND 0 AUTO": If you turn the switch to the "HAND" position the frequency converter controls the motor at 50 Hz manually. The "0" position sets the motor down to a standstill. In the "AUTO" position, the motor (depending on the selected terminal function below) is controlled by "terminals" (for example, PID control with 4-20mA pressure transmitters or on / off with an external PLC).
  • Double pushbutton IP66 with coupling relay / latching function: To activate / deactivate the motor. Advantage by coupling relay / self-hold: After a power failure, the motor does not run by itself again.
  • RMQ Potentiometer Titan 1k ohm: To adjust the frequency or the PID setpoint on the outside of the cabinet. (Can also be done directly on the AC-Drive, but you always would have to open the cabinet door).

Indicator lights

  • Indicator light with label support "Power On": Indicates that the drive is powered up.
  • Indicator light with label support "Fault": indicates any kind of failure on the frequency inverter itself.
  • Indicator light with label support "Running": Indicates that the motor is running.


  • PT100 motor protection: Two-pole terminals to connect a PT100 sensor for engine monitoring.
  • Motor on / off (eg PLC): Two-pole terminals (depending on the parameterization) in closed / open state start the motor.
  • PID control, setpoint via 0-10 Volt, 24VDC: Three-pole terminals for the connection of a transmitter (eg pressure sensor 0-10bar) with supply voltage 24V DC, GND and 0-10 Volt measurement (3-wire transmitter).
  • PID control, setpoint via 4-20mA, 24VDC: Two-pole terminals for the connection of a transmitter (eg pressure sensor 0-10bar) with supply voltage 24V DC and 4-20mA measurement (2-wire transmitter).

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