Motor Control SMC 37KW - 132KW

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  • Power: 37 to 132 kW 400V
  • Infinitely variable speed adjustment
  • Precise PID control with frequency converter
  • Modular compact switchgear
  • Switch for manual and automatic operation
  • 2 x indicator lights, 1 x potentiometer
  • Motor protection
  • Pressure, Temperature control, etc.
  • Efficiency according to IE2 (up to 98%)
  • Software: ST®DRIVE, ST®APP
  • Control voltage: 230VAC / 24VDC
  • Protection class: IP54, EN60529/NEMA4
  • Additional motor protection switch
  • Gentle motor choke
  • Circuit breaker
  • Thermostat for temperature adjustment
  • Powerful 24V auxiliary power supply unit


Sourcetronic Service Car

Project planning & construction

  • Project planning of pump systems
  • Electronic design with ePlan
  • Expert knowledge in the field of sensors
  • Valve and spool control
  • Individually matched accessories: EMC, thermostats, chokes
Installation, commissioning & service
  • Standard-compliant installation of the pump control on site
  • Wiring and commissioning
  • Supervision of construction sites

Save time

  • Designed with installer and operator in mind
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Same operation across the entire power range
  • Optional remote service
  • Readout of alarms, warnings incl. error protocol
  • Warning messages via SMS
  • Robust construction and efficient monitoring make the SMC maintenance-free
  • Consultation and evaluation of your power quality, as well as selection of the right remedial measures


Safe and energy efficient

E-Motors production

  • SMC efficiency according to IE2 (up to 98%)
  • Pressure control
  • Sleep mode
  • Password protection
  • Overload protection
  • Intelligent logic control
  • Quieter motor noise
  • Built-in EMC filters
  • Intelligent cooling concept
  • Robust housing with IP54
  • Power ratings from 0.75KW to 710KW


Precise PID controller

  • Completely monitors the drive and the system
  • Reacts quickly to corrections
  • Ensures stable operation
  • Compensates for changing load characteristics

Sensor technology

  • Temperature sensors
  • Volume flow measurement
  • Vibration transmitter
  • Pressure transmitter


  • Enables stepless control of fans
  • Continuous recording of air pressure
  • Ideally suited for extraction systems, cooling towers


  • Optimum pressure control of compressors
  • Pressure monitoring in the compressed air vessel
  • Detection of the volume flow of the medium

Application & Software


  • DC coils for suppression of harmonics
  • Motor changeover circuit


  • Fans
  • Compressors
  • Lathe

Smartphone ST®APP

  • Preconfigured parameters for motor controls
  • Description of connection assignment
  • Live graphics of monitoring and fine tuning
  • Manual and auto control
  • Speed via virtual potentiometer
  • Detailed alarm/fault descriptions and countermeasures

Software ST®Drive

  • Control via PC via USB
  • Parameterisation and control
  • Download parameter lists
  • Monitor function

Platform for motor controls Fontaine 24/7®

  • Acquisition of real-time sensor data
  • Creation of tables and graphics of temporal processes
  • Automated dispatch by e-mail
  • User administration with adjustable privileges
  • Control via encrypted communication
  • Overview of motor control locations in GEO map view

What's in the box

  • SMC Key
  • Operating instructions
  • Circuit diagram "ePlan
  • Test protocol
  • Parameter list