Precision LCR Meter ST2838H

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  • Frequencies: 20Hz - 2MHz
  • Basic Accuracy: 0.05%
  • 800x600 LCD-color-display
  • Measuring Speed: 13ms
  • Interfaces: RS232, USB DEVICE, LAN-LXI, HANDER, GPIB (Optional), SCANER(Optional), external DC BIAS
  • 201 Points List Sweep Function
  • Test speed: up to 5.6 ms


  • 7-inch 16:9 TFT LCD display with a resolution of 800x600
  • Up to 2MHz test frequency 
  • Resolution up to 0.1mHz
  • AC signal amplitude range: F≤1MHz:  5mV to 20Vrms, F > 1MHz: 50mV to 15Vrms, up to 100μVrms resolution
  • AC signal current range: 50µArms -- 100mArms
  • Test speed is up to 75meas/sec
  • Built-in 0-100mA/0-40V DC bias source
  • Multi-parameter Graphic Sweep Function
  • Arithmetical operation
  • 10 bins sorting, sorting result with sound and light alarm
  • Huge storage space:
    • Internal: 100 groups of setting files, 10 groups of gif image files
    • External: 100 groups of setting files through USB storage
  • Test parameters: Cp-D, Cp-Q, Cp-G, Cp-Rp, Cs-D, Cs-Q, Cs-Rs, Lp-D, Lp-Q, Lp-G, Lp-Rp, Lp-Rdc, Ls-D, Ls-Q, Ls-Rs, Ls-Rdc, Rdc, R-X, Z-θd, Z-θr, G-B, Y-θd, Y-θr, Vdc-Idc
  • Mathematics function: A(X+B)+C, X is test parameter, A, B,C is input parameter
  • Equivalent circuit: series, parallel
  • Calibration function: OPEN, SHORT, LOAD
  • Range selection: AUTO, HOLD
  • Improved high turn ratio and weak coupling transformer test ability
  • Flexible time-labeling system: time of file setting, calibration and deduction can be saved
  • Flexible deviation and deduction modes
  • Multiple handling ways for FAIL cases
  • Single parameter test cycle can be used to test a separate winding
  • Test data and graphs can be saved as GIF format to USB memory
  • The built-in software provides analysis abilities, such as Cpk, Cp and Ck
  • Bar-code reading function can be used to select a setting file or to manage the type of test products
  • Support SCPI commands, compatible with KEYSIGHT E4980A, E4980AL, HP4284A etc.
  • To network multiple testers through LAN-LXI interface
  • Dimension (mm): 400(W) x 132(H) x425(D)
  • Weight: 15kg

Measurement display ranges

Test display range a 1x10-18  ; E 1x1018 
Cs, Cp ±1.000000 aF -- 999.9999 EF
Ls, Lp ±1.000000 aH -- 999.9999 EH
D ±0.000001 -- 9.999999
Q ±0.01 -- 99999.99
R, Rs, Rp, X, Z, Rdc ±1.000000 aΩ -- 999.9999 EΩ
G,B,Y ±1.000000 aS -- 999.9999 ES
Vdc ±1.000000 aV -- 999.9999 EV
Idc ±1.000000 aA -- 999.9999 EA
θ r ±1.000000 a rad -- 3.141593 rad
θ d ±0.0001 deg -- 180.0000 deg
Δ % ±0.0001% -- 999.9999%
t -99.99°C -- 1000.00°C

What's in the box

  • ST26011B Kelvin clip terminal
  • ST26005C 4-terminal test fixture
  • Operation manual
  • Power cord
  • Factory calibration certificate
Model ST2838 ST2838H ST2838A
Test Signal Source
Output impedance 100Ω, ±1% @1kHz
Frequency Range 20Hz - 2MHz 20Hz - 1Mhz
Resolution 20.0000Hz - 99.9999Hz, 0.1mHz
100.000Hz - 999.999Hz, 1mHz
1.00000kHz - 9.99999kHz, 10mHz
10.0000kHz - 99.9999kHz, 0.1Hz
100.000kHz - 999.999kHz, 1Hz
1.00000MHz - 2.00000MHz 10Hz
AC test signal Rated value(ALC OFF):
Set the voltage as the Hcur voltage when the test terminal is open
Set the current as the Hcur current when the test terminal is short
Constant value(ALC ON):
Keep the voltage in DUT is the same as the set value
Keep the current in DUT is the same as the set value
AC signal Voltage range 5mVrms -- 2Vrms F≤1MHz 5mVrms-- 20Vrms
F >1MHz 5mVrms -- 15Vrms
5mVrms -- 2Vrms
Resolution 5mVrms -- 0.2Vrms, 100μVrms
0.2Vrms -- 0.5Vrms, 200μVrms
0.5Vrms -- 1Vrms, 500μVrms
1Vrms -- 2Vrms, 1mVrms
2Vrms -- 5Vrms, 2mVrms
5Vrms -- 10Vrms, 5mVrms
10Vrms -- 20Vrms, 10mVrms
Current range 50μArms -- 20mArms 50μArms --100mArms 50μArms -- 20mArms
Resolution 50μArms -- 2mArms, 1 μArms
2mArms -- 5mArms, 2 μArms
5mArms -- 10mArms, 5 μArms
10mArms -- 20mArms, 10μArms
20mArms -- 50mArms, 20μArms
50mArms--100mArms, 50μArms
Rdc test Voltage range 100mV — 2V
Resolution 100μV
Current range 0mA— 20mA
Resolution 1μA
DC Bias Voltage range 0V — ± 10V 0V — ± 40V 0V — ± 10V
Resolution 0V -- 5V, 100μV
5V -- 10V, 1mV
10V -- 20V, 2mV
20V -- 40V, 5mV
Current range 0mA— ± 100mA
Resolution 0 A -- 50mA, 1μA
50mA -- 100mA, 10μA
Voltage source Voltage range - -10V -- 10V -
Resolution - 1mV -
Current range - -45mA -- +45mA -
Output impedance - 100Ω -
Dimensions / typ 7-inch (diagonal)TFT LCD display
Proportion 16:9
Resolution 800×RGB×480
Test function
Test parameter Cp-D,Cp-Q,Cp-G,Cp-Rp
Lp-D, Lp-Q, Lp-G, Lp-Rp, Lp-Rdc
Ls-D, Ls-Q, Ls-Rs, Ls-Rdc, Rdc
R-X, Z-θd, Z-θr
G-B, Y-θd, Y-θr
Mathematics function A(X+B)+C, X is test parameter, A, B,C is input parameter
Equivalent circuit Series, parallel
Deviation measurement Absolute deviation Δ compared with the nominal value
Percentage deviation Δ% compared with the nominal value
Calibration function OPEN, SHORT, LOAD
Range selection AUTO, HOLD
Range LCR 100mΩ, 1Ω, 10Ω, 20Ω, 50Ω, 100Ω, 200Ω, 500Ω, 1kΩ, 2kΩ, 5kΩ, 10kΩ, 20kΩ, 50kΩ, 100kΩ, total 15
Rdc 1Ω, 10Ω, 20Ω, 50Ω, 100Ω, 200Ω, 500Ω, 1kΩ, 2kΩ, 5kΩ, 10kΩ, 20kΩ, 50kΩ, 100kΩ, total 15 ranges
Trigger mode INT, MAN, EXT, BUS
Trigger delay 0 s -- 999 s, resolution 100us
Test terminal configuration Four-pair
Test cable length 0m, 1m
Test average 1-255 times
Test time (ms) Speed mode 20Hz 100Hz 1kHz 10kHz 100kHz 1MHz 2MHz
FAST 330 100 20 7.7 5.7 5.6 5.6
MED 380 180 110 92 89 88 88
LONG 480 300 240 230 220 220 220
Test display range a 1×10 ^-18; E 1×10^18
Cs, Cp ±1.000000 aF -- 999.9999 EF
Ls,Lp ±1.000000 aH -- 999.9999 EH
D ±0.000001 -- 9.999999
Q ±0.01 -- 99999.99
R, Rs, Rp, X, Z, Rdc ±1.000000 aΩ -- 999.9999 EΩ
G,B,Y ±1. 000000 aS -- 999.9999 ES
Vdc ±1.000000 aV -- 999.9999 EV
Idc ±1.000000 aA -- 999.9999 EA
θ r ±1.000000 a rad -- 3.141593 rad
θ d ±0.0001 deg -- 180.0000 deg
Δ% ±0.0001% -- 999.9999%
t -99.99°C -- 1000.00°C
Turn Ratio (extension pending) ±0.000000 -- 1000.000
Basic test accuracy  0.05% (the details refer to the instruction)
List sweep
Sweep points Up to 201 points
Sweep Parameters Test frequency, AC voltage, AC current, DC BIAS voltage, DC BIAS current
Trigger mode SEQ Once triggered, test at the sweep points. /EOM/INDEX will be output one time.
STEP Once triggered, test at one sweep point. /EOM/INDEX will be output at each point, but the list sweep comparator
results only be output at the last /EOM.
List sweep comparator Set one pair of lower limit and upper limit for each sweep point.
Optional: judge through the first sweep parameter / judge through the second sweep parameter / not
used in each limit.
List sweep time tag In SEQ mode, set the trigger point to 0, by defining the time, the test start time can be recorded at
each measurement point.
Graph sweep analysis
Sweep points 51, 101, 201, 401 or 801 -
Sweep trace Primary or secondary parameters -
Display range AUTO, HOLD -
Coordinate scale Logarithm, linearity -
Sweep parameters Test frequency, ACV, ACI, DCV BIAS/DCI BIAS, DC voltage source -
Sweep result display Maximum value/ minimum value of primary/secondary parameter,
primary/secondary value of the setting point
Sweep graph storage Sweep graphs can be saved to the interior FLASH, external USB
storage or uploaded to the upper computer.
Bin sorting Primary
Bin limit setup Absolute value, deviation value, percentage deviation value
Bin count 0 -- 999999
PASS/FAIL indication When the primary parameter is one of the 9 BINs and the secondary parameter is IN, the PASS light
on the front panel is ON, or FAIL light is ON.
Test auxiliary function
Data buffer storage function 201 test results can be read in batches
Storage/Calling function 100 groups of test setting files in the internal nonvolatile memory 0--99
100 groups of test setting files in the USB storage 0—99
Keyboard lockout function Front panel keys can be locked
USB HOST port Universal Serial Bus socket, A class; FAT16/FAT32 format.
USB flash disk storage or barcode scanning
USB DEVICE port Universal Serial Bus socket, small size B class (4 contact position);
Correspond to USBTMC-USB488 and USB 2.0
The female joint is used for connecting the external control unit.
LAN 10/100BaseT Ethernet, 8pins, two selectable speed mode
HANDLER interface Be used for bin sorting signal output
External DC BIAS control Control TH1778/TH1778S Bias current source, at most 1 set of TH1778+5 sets of TH1778S (120A
GPIB (option) 24 pin D-Sub port (D-24 class), the female joint is compatible with IEEE488.1, 2 and SCPI.