DC Bias Current Source ST1778

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  • Provide 0~20A of constant current output for single one
  • Support 6 machines at most and reach 120A of constant current output
  • Extreme refined current step:
    • when <1A, reach 5mA;
    • when <5A, reach 25mA;
    • when <120A, reach 100mA
  • Adopting a new generation AC/DC superposition test theory to adapt test requirements for high precision and high frequency
  • Current output mode: single current, step scan
  • Adopting new designed friendly graphical operation interface and providing multiple operation practice
  • Providing real-time operation mode for all parameters and settings without waiting
  • New file management system with easy, prompt and accurate operation
  • Providing two kinds of SCPI command modes with good adaptability
  • New foot control mode with 5 control modes
  • Excellent tailing capability and extendibility, additional slave superposition depending on the demands
  • Offering dual-progress bar indication and corresponding small tools
  • English interface and user manual
  • Remote operation by Sourcetronic LCR Meter:

Field of use

The instrument adopts a new generation AC/DC superposition test theory to adapt test requirements for high precision and high frequency.The built-in embedded MCU with high-performance can quickly respond to host and slave machine condition or malfunction and make real time indication, which helps improve the work efficiency. The new designed friendly graphical operation interface, included 5 foot control modes and full touch operation provides convenience and efficiency for users. New file management system with easy, prompt and accurate operation can save a group of real-time setting file and 99 groups of userdefined setting files. It can provide pushed information indication and cache 2 real-time information. Being provided with two modes of SCPI instruction systems, it is convenient to set up production lines or single machine test. Also, it can connects with any device with serial port and which refer to the SCPI instruction system design of this machine. New Trend of AC/DC Superposition Test By virtue of profound technology and extensive market survey in bias current field, Sourcetronic introduced the large power DC bias current source— ST1778. CortexM3 ARM CPU with high-performance, graphical interfaces and full-touch operation make ST1778 series DC Bias Current Source convenient and efficient for you. ST1778 series is appropriate for AC/DC superposition test of magnetic inductors and test occasion for large current. Also, it can provide magnetizing current for the analysis of magnetic materials. The adopted new software framework is adapt to realtime parameter adjustment and operation.


  • Master-Slave connection mode is convenient for cutting and extending.
  • Graphic interface brings unprecedented operation convenience and rapid response to working condition of the machine.
  • Pushed information indication can keep concurrent status information.
  • Intelligent file management system makes file management and load not complicated any longer.
  • Multi-mode SCPI system makes the formation of production lines not tedious any more.
  • Multiple operator modes makes it easier to operate on the basis of personal habits.
  • Cabinet type system connection makes it convenient for users to arrange and set up production lines.



Display Display 480x272 16:9 24-bit truecolor TFT LCD
Interface Complete grafic user interface
Operation Resistor type touch screen + entitative key + foot switch
Current step 0 mA - 1 A 5 mA
1 A - 5 A 25 mA
5 A - 120 A 100 mA
Supporting test frequency 0 Hz - 2 MHz
Sweep adjustment time 0 mA - 1 A 4 ms - 3600 s
1 A - 5 A 10 ms - 3600 s
5 A - 120 A 20 ms - 3600 s
Minimum interval of sweep adjustment step 0 mA - 1 A 5 mA
1 A - 5 A 25 mA
5 A - 120 A 100 mA
Range Host machine(ST1778) 1 A / 5 A / 20 A
Slave machine(ST1778S) 20 A
Maximum output voltage 35V (when outputting 1 A. For different ranges, please refer to the user manual)
Maximum permitted DCR Rmax= (Vmax/I)Ω(Calculation of Rmax, please refer to the description in user manual)
Maximum permitted inductance value Lmax= (Vmax/(di/dt))mH(Calculation of Lmax, please refer to the description in user manual)
Range mode Auto
Control mode for START/STOP START/STOP entitative key, 4 foot switches, Bus
Max. current time for continuous loading Keeping 2-3h, continuous output
Function Fault self-inspection; 99 groups of custom profile management; dual-progress bar indication; soft switching of slave machine; real-time operation ; SCPI command set; simple dual-display computer.
Interface RS232S、laverLink
Work environment Temperature 0°C-55°C
Humidity <90%RH
Power requirement of adapter Voltage AC 230V/110V(1±10%)
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz(1±5%)
Power ≤60VA
Dimension(WxHxD) (mm) Single one: 430x185x473(mm) (not including equipment cabinet)
Weight Single one: 18kg (not including equipment cabinet)