Input AC

Input chokes are coils with low, ohmic resistance, which reduces high frequency input currents at a grid connection effectively. These high performance AC input chokes are characterised by a high linearity and a strong reduction of the overtone. They are suitable for the connection to the 3-phase 400 V grid and  available in different power classes matching the Sourcetronic frequency inverter classes. Inchoate with the AC input choke SCI-0005-E2M8C with a power of up to 1,5kW and a current pending 5A, up to the AC input choke SCI-1250-E11UC with an achievement up to 550 kilowatts and a current up to 1,250 ampere. Between these types numerous further AC input chokes are available like the AC input choke SCI-0030-EM47C with a power of 11kW, the AC input choke SCI-0150-E95UC with 55kW or the AC input choke SCI-0490-E28UC with 220 kilowatts of achievement, so that you find a suitable input choke for each of your applications in the Sourcetronic online shop. Weight and dimensions of the chokes vary depending upon power. While the SCI-0005-E2M8C input choke possesses compact dimensions of 110 x 84 x 130 millimeters with a weight of only 2.48 kilograms, amount to the dimensions with the SCI-1250-E11UC choke 330 x 275 x 425 millimeters with a weight of 76 kilograms.

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