Calibration Hipot/IR Tester

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High voltage test devices are used to check the insulation and dielectric strength. High voltage test equipment is used in production and in laboratories. You are assured that the quality of the products is aimed at your customer, a regular calibration of your measuring instruments is required. If necessary, the test device has to be adjusted. As in Sourcetronic, our calibration laboratory in Bremen offers a high-precision calibration according to DIN ISO 17025. High-voltage detectors are calibrated by any manufacturer. Usually your device is calibrated and returns on the same day, including the detailed calibration certificate. The calibration certificates contain all measured values, permissible tolerances and the acceptable normals.

Measuring devices and electrical measurement

  • Hipot Tester / HV tester, insulation tester, ohmmeter
  • Calibration certificate: ISO9001
  • High voltage
  • Protective earth current
  • Insulation resistance
  • Frequency
  • Functional test
  • Repair service
    • Sourcetronic Hipot Tester: ST9201, UH36, UX26, UB36, UH28, ST400
    • SPS Electronic: HA3600D, HA 2201G, IL3801F,...
    • ETL-Tester: ATS400
    • Associated Research HYPOT III
    • Block Hipot Tester
    • Vitrek
    • and many more...