Encoderboard ST9000 PG1 24V

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  • Compatible with ST9000 & ST500 frequency inverter series
  • ABZ incremental encoder
  • Differential input PG card, without frequency dividing output
  • OC input PG card, without frequency dividing output
  • 24VDC
  • Provide voltage and pulse input mode information when ordering

Encoderboard for following frequency inverter


User interface Terminal block
Spacing 3.5mm
Screw Slotted
Swappable NO
Wire gauge 16-26AWG
Maximum frequency 500 kHz
Input differential signal amplitude ≤7V

Terminal description

No. Label no. Description
1 A+ Encoder output A signal positive
2 A- Encoder output A signal negative
3 B+ Encoder output B signal positive
4 B- Encoder output B signal negative
5 Z+ Encoder output Z signal positive
6 Z- Encoder output Z signal negative
7 5V Output 5V / 100mA power
8 GND Ground
9 PE Shield terminal