ST®Meter 4.0

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  • Plug & Play control for Sourcetronic LCR measuring instruments
  • Compatible devices: ST2830, ST2832, ST2827A, ST2827C, ST2829A, ST2829C
  • Complete remote control of the measuring instruments
  • Comfortable surface in JAVA "look&feel
  • Automatically scaling graphical curve progressions
  • Linear & logarithmic
  • Extra "Live" data window
  • Automatic zero calibration Short / Open
  • Special function "Frequency Sweep in graphical display
  • User-definable limit value comparison
  • GOOD/BAD" analysis in seconds
  • "Drag-and-drop" test plan creation
  • Long-term measurement for test series
  • Tabular logging
  • Save the graphs as .png
  • Saving the measurement results as CSV
  • Professional reports in PDF format
  • Barcode function, e.g. for serial number
  • Language German and English
  • Operating systems: Win 7, Win 8, Win 10

Options for the

  • Flexible functional expansion according to customer requirements
  • Automation of third-party measurement devices on request
  • USB 2.0 serial adapter for connecting serial devices to PC with USB port


The Sourcetronic software offers a wide range of functions. Connected via RS-232, runtime diagrams with individual time intervals can be displayed in tabular or graphical form. The displayable measured values include voltages and currents, capacitances and inductors as well as frequencies and cycle times. With the convenient display, you have everything at a glance: whether a signal is positive or negative with respect to the set limit values, it will be shown extensively in green=PASS or red=FAIL.


ST@Meter Comparator Pass

Comparator Function

  • Comparison function with a nominal value
  • Limit value setting as value or in %
  • Pass/Fail result output

ST@Meter Comparator Pass

Frequency sweep

  • Graphical representation of the frequency sweep
  • Linear and logarithmic progression
  • Storage of the results as .png or .csv

ST@Meter Comparator Pass

Logging function

  • Graphical display of the live measured values
  • Test time adjustable in seconds or minutes
  • Display of current time or test time
  • Storage of the results as .png or .csv

ST@Meter Comparator Pass

Measurement display

  • Setting display with Live Trigger
  • Measurement display can be called in any other function as an extra window

ST@Meter Comparator Pass

Test plan creation

  • Automatic test sequence
  • Simple post-processing of the test steps
  • Barcode evaluation
  • Storage location of protocols selectable

ST@Meter testpossibilities

Testing possibilities

  • resistance, capacitance and inductance testing
  • Insulation resistance test
  • Devices: Sourcetronic LCR-Meter