ST®EOL Fully automatic operating software

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  • Efficient measurement of components and electrical devices
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Modular design: Integrate the test options you need
  • High flexibility in application
  • Also compatible with third-party devices
  • Suitable for comprehensive test procedures: Capacitance, inductance, high voltage, protective conductor resistance, insulation resistance, functional test
  • Storage of test results in Excel files (.slsx) or directly in your database
  • Compatible with a wide range of database systems, including MS SQL and PostgreSQL
  • Suitable for all standard test procedures: EN 60335, EN 61010, EN 60204, EN 60601, EN 60598 and EN 60204


  • Can be used on PC and touch screen devices
  • Operating system required: Windows 10
  • Language: English
  • Control of several measuring devices via LAN, USB or RS232
  • Extensions and adaptations for individual customer requirements are possible

ST®EOL: efficient testing with high-quality software

High product quality includes ensuring that the products do not pose any hazards to users. To ensure this, it is important to test them intensively. In many areas, this testing is even required by law before the goods are put on the market. Without this inspection, manufacturers do not receive a CE certificate and are not allowed to sell the products. The reliable end-of-line software ST®EOL supports manufacturers in carrying out these tests. It ensures a standard-compliant process, it carefully records all results, and it contributes to a high level of safety.

ST@EOL Start Menu

Scope of functions

  • Automatic test plan selection & creation
  • Manual single-step testing
  • Detailed results logging
  • Convenient user administration

ST@EOL User Management

User administration

  • Intuitive user creation
  • Secure assignment of rights per user

High flexibility for perfect integration into your existing systems

One of the decisive advantages of ST®EOL is the high degree of flexibility it offers. It is true that other manufacturers offer similar programs with which the necessary tests can also be carried out efficiently. However, these are only available for these suppliers' own devices. With ST®EOL, on the other hand, you decide for yourself what your test environment should look like. You can order a complete test system from Sourcetronic. This includes a 19" cabinet, a robust relay matrix, a test cage and a barcode scanner. The programmers integrate your proposed measuring and test equipment from all manufacturers directly into the system. Even if you already have the appropriate devices, you can use ST®EOL. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you have to leave them to the team for programming. Because of this wide range of options, you can decide for yourself which devices you want to use for testing your products and thus enjoy excellent flexibility.

ST@EOL Measurement functions

Measuring functions

  • Integration of various measuring devices & functions possible
  • Integration of high-voltage testers, insulation testers, LCR meters, milliohm meters, protective conductor testers, etc.

ST@EOL Test plan generation

Test plan generation

  • Fully automatic test sequence
  • Simple post-processing of the test steps
  • Detailed display of the set test parameters

Automated test sequences for high productivity

ST®EOL also impresses with its very efficient workflows. The software allows you to create automatic test plans. These can then be scanned in and executed via barcode. Logging also takes place automatically. This leads to high productivity. The user interface is easy to understand and intuitively structured. Therefore, no long training is necessary and also the design of the inspection plans runs very efficiently. All these details contribute to high productivity.

Safe testing with ST®EOL

By using ST®EOL, you ensure a high level of safety when carrying out tests. For this purpose, the intelligent switching matrix in ST®EOL contains a voltage monitor. This controls the residual voltages that occur during the entire test. This is important, for example, for DUTs with "capacitive" behavior. Due to the automated process, the tester does not have to intervene during the test. The test cage is locked while the measurements are being performed. You can only open it when the DUT is completely discharged.

ST@EOL Results

Result display

  • Detailed logging of the measurement results
  • Clear result display
  • Simple log search by date or log ID
  • Export of data from database

ST@EOL Relay settings

Relay switching

  • Extensive integration of the relay matrix STM
  • Simple switching between test devices
  • Monitoring of discharge function

Individual adaptation to your needs

ST®EOL is not a rigid system. It is possible to adapt the software to your individual requirements at any time. For this purpose, Sourcetronic has developed a modular system into which you can integrate all the functions you need. Contact the ST team to learn more about the possibilities for an individual composition.

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 10 or higher
  • Intel Core i3, AMD Ryzen 3 or comparable
  • 4 GB RAM
  • GB free memory