Modular Test System ST400

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Modular Test System ST400

The modular electrical safety tester ST400 can be fitted with diferent test modules such as high voltage, insulation, protective earth, leakage current, function test and many more. Due to this flexibility the tester can perform a great number of norm tests for example VDE, EN or UL norms.

The safety tester can be both remote controlled and operated directed on the device. Depending on the application the ST400 can be supplied with different operating variants. Available are 2 TFT touch displays in different sizes and a remote version without a own display. A complete industrial PC can be integrated as well to replace a PC for the test system. The tester has both optional USB and LAN interfaces to store result data and test plans on a USB Stick and in the local network.

There are several different drivers available to realize a complete remote control. The drivers and libraries include LabView, DLL, ASCII, .NET-Framework and Active-X. The driver packages also include programming support from our staff to help implement the ST400 in your test system.

The wide range of accessories includes both a wide range of adaptation options, as well as trolley and safety accessories.

Electrical safety and norms

EN 61010-1 safety regulations for electrical measurement, control- and lab- equipment
EN 61326-1 electrical measurement, control- and lab- equipment – EMC-requirements
EN 61000-3-3 / EN 61000-3-2     Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
EN 50191 Erection and operation of electrical test equipment
EN 60598-1 luminaire / Part 1: General requirements and tests
Contamination level 2
Protection class 1

General specifications

Power connection: 230 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Input voltage range: +/- 10 %
Power consumption: Max. 10 A, depending on the type up to 16 A
Type X2: without Display
Type X4: TFT-Display with Touch 5,7 inches, 640 x 480
Type X5: TFT-Display with Touch 10,4 inches, 800 x 600
Type X6: without Display, with VGA- connection
Type X8: TFT-Display with Touch 10,4 inches, 800 x 600
Setting the test parameters: Manually or fully automatically via interface
Programming: Via display or external control
Testplan and parameter saving: Internal hard drive, LAN or USB
Error signal: Acoustically, optically or via interface
Dimensions (W x H x D): 410 x 210 x 435 mm
Weight: From ca. 18 – 35 kg
Casing: Metal, light grey
Temperature range: 5 - 45 °C
Basic equipment: Instruction manual, main cable, safety circuit plug
Calibration: Factory calibration certificate inclusive

Environmental conditions

Protection level: IP20
Relative humidity max. 80 %, non-condensing
Operating Temperature + 5 up to + 40 °C
Cooling: Active cooling


ST Interface, digital: Start, stop, result good / error and test in process, etc.
Optional: USER Interface, digital: Freely configurable IOs
Optional: ADF Interface: Analogue IOs and frequency inputs
Remote control interface RS232: For the connection to the PC and for direct connection to a terminal programme or a log printer
USB: For Keyboard connection, mouse and barcode scanner
LAN: For establishing a connection to a server or a local network
CAN: For the expansion of the test system, for additional features und further expansion stages


High voltage outputs: The contacting of the test object is executed via 2 potential-free high voltage outputs, each double-pole with connection jack for an HVP06C plug.
PE Test probe: Connection for contacting the test objects via a test probe with start push button and result-LEDs.
Safety circuit: For the implementation of the suitable safety circuit according to EN 50191
Warning light connection: For the connection of a warning light combination according to EN 50191

Starting the Test

Start and stop signal by a test pistol: Via a special automatic choke and 4-pole technology
Start button on the device: Starting the test with a button at the front of the device
Start and stop signal via interface: Starting the test via PLC or PC-interface
Start button via an external switch: Starting the test via digital IO, e.g. via foot switch


Keyboard lock: Individually configurable
Output options: Individual configuration of the result outputs
Buzzer options: Individual configuration of the acoustic signals
Start options: Individual setting of the start mode
Language and mode selection for an external printer: English, German, Swedish, Italian, Spanish, Dutch / mode: printout at I.O., not N.I.O. or all the times
Ramp options: Ramp time and kind of the ramp decrease
Test time: Test time scaling

Test time

Setting range: 0,5 – 6 000 s
Resolution: 0,01 s