DC Power supply

The compact Sourcetronic laboratory power supplies offer, in addition to the existing adjustable voltage outputs, many extras for the most diverse requirements. The controllable direct current and direct voltage sources convince with high resolution, high precision and stability and safety, from overvoltage and overheating protection. While the ST6203 has two voltage outputs, the ST6511 can be used to regulate three voltage outputs, which can be used in series and parallel mode, also in synchronous operation. Both devices can be controlled with USB, GPIB or RS232 interfaces. The DC power supply ST6203 has also a LAN interface. In addition to displaying the values ​​on a 4.3-inch color display, the information can be stored on a USB device.

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  1. DC Power Supply STP3032
    DC Power Supply STP3032
    • Programmable DC Power Supply
    • Two independent cotrollable channels
    • Max. output resolution: 1mV/1mA
    • Up to 100 group timers
    • Accuracy: ≤0.05% + 3mV, ≤0.1% + 3mA
    • DC Output Voltage: 0-30V (independent/parallel), 0-60V (series), -30V-30V (plus-minus)
    • DC Output Voltage: 0-6A (parallel), 0-3V (independent/series/plus-minus)
    • Over-current/Over-voltage protection
    • SCPI and LabVIEW supported
    • USB and RS232 interfaces
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  2. Precision LCR Meter ST2838
    DC Power Supply ST6203
    • Rated double range output: 0-72 V, 1.5 A/0-32 V, 3 A
    • Setting and Read-back voltage accuracy: ≤0.04 %+8 mV
    • Setting and Read-back current accuracy: ≤0.1 %+5 mA
    • 480*272 24-bit 4.3 inch color LCD display
    • Set the timing output time (0.1-9999.9S)
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  3. DC Power Supply ST6203
    DC Power Supply ST6511

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    • Three groups of voltage output and all are adjustable
    • Select series or parallel operation or synchronous use
    • Simultaneous three-channel display of voltage, current,
      power and timing output time
    • 4.3-inch TFT display
    • Set the timing output time (0.1-9999.9S)
    • Interfaces: USB, GPIB, RS232
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