Gossen Metrawatt Starter Package Profitest TECH+ IQ M536A

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  • Easy setup of the system structure / measuring and storage / report generation
  • Preconfigured and user programmable test sequences for testing electric systems quickly
  • Storage concept for up to 50,000 data records
  • Testing of all up-to-date AC/DC sensitive RCDs, and many others
  • User safety by means of PE detection when using finger contact
  • Selected accessories for pending measuring tasks

Technical Data

  • Defined accessories for special measuring tasks
  • Broad-range measuring device for all alternating and 3-phase electrical systems with voltages from 65 to 500 V and frequencies of 15.4 to 420 Hz
  • Loop and line impedance measurement with DC bias magnetization
  • Measurement of insulation resistance using nominal voltage, with variable or rising test voltage
  • Low-resistance measurement with automatic polarity reversal
  • Testing of residual current devices and special RCCBs (selective S, SRCDs, PRCDs, Schukomat, Sidos, types G/R, AC, A, F, B, B+, EV and MI)
  • Testing of RCCBs in IT systems
  • Measurement of earth resistance (mains operation)
  • Standards-compliant testing of charging stations per IEC 61851 in combination with the PRO-TYP I/II test adapter
  • Automatic test sequence function
  • Bluetooth and USB interfaces
  • Push-print function – transmission of the measured value after measurement

What's in the box

  • 1x Earthing contact plug insert (country-specific)
  • 1x Two-pole measuring adapter
  • 1x Cable for expansion into a 3-pole adapter (PRO-A3-II)
  • 2x Alligator clips
  • 1x Neck strap
  • 1x Set of rechargeable batteries (Z502H)
  • 1x Charger (Z502R)
  • 1x Condensed operating instructions
  • 1x Supplementary sheet with safety information
  • 1x DAkkS calibration certificate
  • 1x USB interface cable
  • 1x VARIO plug adapter set
  • 1x Set of probes
  • 1x SORTIMO plastic system case with insert
  • 1x IZYTRONIQ Business Starter software