Electrical Safety Test System STE

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With Sourcetronic's electrical safety test systems (EST), you benefit from maximum efficiency, flexibility and cost-effectiveness and cover all requirements. The complete STE test stand includes: 1 x 19" design system cabinet, 1 x STM switch matrix, measuring devices of your choice, 1 x ST®EOL test system software and for safety, optional test cage, light curtain or safety current limited test devices. Thanks to the modular design, manufacturer-independent devices can be installed in addition to standard tests such as high-voltage testing, insulation resistance testing, protective conductor testing and functional testing. The interaction of all units is controlled by the user-friendly ST®EOL operating software, which provides you with a fast test sequence and automatic logging of your measurement results.


  • Fully automatic Relay matrix STM-8-12
  • User-friendly ST®EOL software
  • Modular 19″ industrial cabinet
  • Industrial PC with WIN 10 or higher
  • Touch monitor, scanner and label printer
  • Safety standard IEC/EN60947-5-1
  • CE compliant according to EN 50191

Protective conductor resistance test

  • Test current: up to 40A
  • Resistance: 0.1MOhm- 10GOhm
  • Measuring range: 1- 500 mΩ
  • Test voltage < 6 V and < 12 V
  • Test according to DIN ISO EN 60204

Insulation resistance measurement

  • Voltage: 1.000VDC
  • Resistance: 0.1MOhm- 10GOhm

Function test

  • According to your requirements

Relay Matrix STM-8-12

Relay Matrix STM-8-12

  • Inputs: 8
  • Outputs: 12
  • 4-wire measurement
  • Discharge circuit with residual voltage measurement
  • Safe disconnection of the measuring instruments
  • Release of test cage interlock
  • Safety standard IEC/EN60947-5-1

Fully automatic ST®EOL software

  • Versatile database system: PostgreSQL, MS SQL, etc.
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Automatic article-controlled selection of test plans
  • Detailed listing of test parameters
  • Comprehensive logging
  • Serial numbers, article numbers via scanner
  • Type plate printing

ST®EoL Software

Complete End of Line Test System

Electrical Safety Test System

  • Modular 19″ industrial cabinet
  • Safety glass door
  • Finest powder coating
  • Sensor controlled temperature regulation
  • UL, CSA, VDE, CE
  • Fixed or rollable
  • Industrial PC with WIN 10 or higher
  • Touch monitor, scanner and label printer
  • Dimensions: 700x892x700, 12HE

Test cage

  • Size inside (W/H/D): 565/350/450mm
  • Damped gas spring incl. end position damping
  • Test piece connections: 4mm laboratory sockets
  • CE compliant according to EN 50191

What's in the box

  • Complete 19″ test system
  • Industrial PC with WIN 10 or higher
  • Fully automatic ST®EOL software
  • Operating instructions for downlod