Calibration ST400

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The VDE tester ST400 and Sourcetronic offer a large selection of different measuring methods such as high-voltage testing, insulation resistance measurement, protective conductor tests, leakage current test and function test. In doing so, every standard test, whether VDE, EN or UL, can be carried out quickly.

Calibration of the compact tester ST400

The safety testers are generally used in production. Here, a highly accurate test and compliance with the measured values is important. Source protected in accordance with DIN ISO 17025, for compact tester, protective conductor test, insulation resistance test, high voltage test, functional test and leakage current test. Please contact us and give us the specifications of your tester. You will receive a consultation and an offer from one of our experts

Measuring devices and elektrical measurement:

  • Electrical Safety Tester Calibration (EST)
  • Sourcetronic ST400
  • High voltage test
  • Insulation resistance test
  • Earth bond test
  • Leakage
  • Visual inspection
  • Function test
  • Systematic cleaning of device
  • Calibration certificate in accordance to ISO 17025
  • Repair service on request