Calibration Insulation Tester

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Technical Service
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The standardized ST measurement calibration according to DIN ISO 17025 is independent of the manufacturer. In general your measuring device is calibrated on the same day and sent back. Each measuring device whether LCR Meters, or other VDE Devices are calibrated by highly qualified service technicians. The calibration certificates contain all the measured values, all allowed tolerances and traceable standards.

Measuring devices and elektrical measurement

  • Insulation tester
  • Several measurement ranges
  • High voltage
  • Protective earth current
  • Insulation resistance
  • Frequency
  • Repair service
    • Sourcetronic products: ST2683A, ST2683B, MR36, MD10KVx, ....
    • Fluke Insulation Tester: Fluke 1587, 1587 FC, 1550,
    • Gossen Metrawatt: Metriso 500VW, 1000D, ...
    • Chauvin Arnoux: C.A. 6545, ...