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Gossen Metrawatt is a manufacturer of highly accurate measuring instruments. The range includes hand-held multimeters, installation testers such as the profitest and the Secutest or Earth Tester and insulation testers. These instruments can also be ordered from Sourcetronic. Each tester can display measurement uncertainties. It is therefore important to regularly calibrate the devices and adjust them if necessary. In our calibration laboratory, we offer you a highly accurate calibration of your measuring instrument, including a detailed calibration certificate. The calibration is usually carried out on the same day and will be returned immediately. Let us advise you and give you an offer.

Measuring devices and elektrical measurement:

  • The following devices are usually calibrated within 24 hours
    • Installation-Tester: Profitest Mxtra, Profitest Mbase, Secutest SII, Secustar, Metratester 5,...
    • Gossen Metrawatt digital multimeter: METRA HIT 16i, METRA HIT 16T, METRA HIT Energy,...
    • Earth tester: GEOHM 5,...
    • Insulation tester METRISO 500 VW, METRISO 1000 D,...
  • AC and DC voltage measurement
  • AC and DC current measurement
  • Insulation resistance measurement
  • Earth resistance measurement
  • Temperaturetest
  • Frequency and capacitance measurement
  • Calibration Certificate