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Multi-measuring devices such as digital hand or table multimeters are an important component in many areas of electrical engineering as well as in the trades and crafts due to the large measuring range. Since it must be ensured that every device in production or in the laboratory has reliable measurement results, multimeters must also be calibrated at regular intervals.

Sourcetronic Multimeter Calibration

Please contact the Sourcetronic calibration team and one of our experts will give you detailed advice and quotation for an express calibration of your multimeter. The calibration service from Sourcetronic promises a highly accurate test. As a rule, the measuring instruments are calibrated on the same day and return with a detailed test certificate. So your devices can be used again as quickly as possible.

Measuring devices and elektrical measurement:

  • The following devices are usually calibrated within 24 hours
  • Devices:
    • Sourcetronic ST1941, ST1942, ST1952, ....
    • Amprobe HD160C
    • Benning MM1, MM 3, MM 1-3, MM 2, MM 7-1, MM P3
    • Fluke multimeter: 87 V, 177, 179, 233, 287, 3000FC
    • Gossen Metrawatt digital multimeter: METRA HIT 16i, METRA HIT 16T, ISO, 28S,....
    • Keysight  U3401A,...
    • HT Instruments M75
    • GW Instek
    • ELV 63997
    • Peaktech: 4090, 4096
    • Metrix MX53C
    • Keithley
    • Rigol
    • Sigilent
    • Tektronix
    • Teledyne LeCroy
  • AC and DC voltage measurement
  • AC and DC current measurement
  • Diodetest
  • Resistance measurement
  • Continuity test
  • Temperaturetest
  • Frequency and capacitance measurement
  • Calibration Certificate