Battery Tester ST2523A

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  • Basic impedance accuracy: 0.1%
  • Basic voltage accuracy: 0.05%
  • Min. resolution of impedance:1µΩ
  • Min. resolution of voltage:100µV
  • Max. test speed 50 times/s
  • 1kHz AC constant current source test
  • Max. input voltage 310V

Technical data

  • Multiple test functions
    • 4-terminal test, the test can’t be influenced by impedance of test leads.
    • Deviation deduction (rel) and reference operation, eliminate the influence of base to test result.
  • R, V, L, Z, θ test
  • 4.3" LCD color-display
  • LCD resolution 480×272
  • Direct and Δ% display
  • V, I test signal level monitor function
  • Graphic scanning and analysis
  • 10 bin compare, High limit, low limit, pass and alarm function
  • Statistics, like CpK, Cp, etc.
  • 100 groups of file for storage and load
  • Information in screen stored as GIF image on U disk by COPY key.
  • Automatic update through USB HOST
  • Foot switch trigger function
  • Handler interface
  • RS232, USB Device, GPIB (optional), for communication with PC and remote control
  • USB HOST for U disk
  • Power: 198V - 242V

What's in the box

  • ST26011A 4-terminal Kelvin test clip leads
  • Power cable
  • Manual
  • Factory calibration certificate

Technical Specifications

Model ST 2523 ST 2523A
Display Displayer 4.3" 480x272 24 Bit color TFT display
Displayed digit R: slow 5 digits, Max. displayed digit 35000; fast, Max. displayed digit 3500
V: slow 5 digit, Max. displayed digit 31000; fast, Max. displayed digit 3100
Parameter R, V, R-V, Z-θ°, Z-θr, L-Q, L-R, R-X, R-Q
Basic accuracy R:0.1%, V:0.05%
Test signal source Frequency 1kHz±0.2Hz sine waveform
Constant current 100mA/10mA/1mA/100µA/10µA
Display range R / Z / X 1µΩ - 3.5kΩ
DC V 100µV - 65V 100µV - 350V
L 0.2nH -1H
Q 0.001 - 9999.9
θd(deg) -179.99 - 179.99
θd(rad) -3.1416 - 3.1416
Mathematics Direct, ΔABS, Δ%
Range AC R 30mΩ / 300mΩ / 3Ω / 30Ω / 300Ω / 3kΩ
DC V 6V/60V 30V/300V
Max. input voltage 65V 310V
Test speed(time/s) FAST: 50 times/s
MED: 10 times/s
SLOW1: 5 times/s
SLOW2: 3 times/s
Comparator 10 bins
Range mode Auto, hold
Trigger mode Internal, manual, external, bus
Operation mode DUT I/V monitor; REL; short zero correction;
1-255 times averaging; delay setting; graphic analysis and scanning;
USB storage; Max.100 groups of file save/load;
Statistics of Max. 30000 points of data
Interfaces Handler, RS232, USB DEVICE, GPIB (optional), USB HOST

General specification

Temperature 0°C -40°C
Humidity ≤90%RH
Voltage 100V-120V , 198V-242V
Frequency 47Hz - 63Hz
Power consumption Max.15VA
Dimensions(WxHxD) 215mmx87mmx335mm(net) 235mmx105mmx360mm(with sheath)
Weight About 3.6kg