Bluetooth Multimeter

The digital multimeter STB35T + scores with an integrated Bluetooth module for a convenient connection with the smartphone (from Android version 4.3 and IOS 7.0). The meter offers a comprehensive range of measurement options with its three main functions: multimeter, data logger and temperature measuring functions. The multi-connector makes the tester compatible with other devices. With a large 3 5/6 digit display, the measured values can be easily read. The measuring range can be set automatically as well as automatically with the Auto-Range function. The multimeter has a sturdy housing with a mounting bracket and convinces with a glossy design

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  1. Digital Bluetooth Multimeter STB35T+
    Digitales Bluetooth Multimeter STB35T+
    79,00 €
    • 4000 / 6000 Messbereichsendwert, 3 5/6 stellig
    • Grundgenauigkeit: ±0.5 - 1% + 2 digit
    • 3 in 1 Funktionen: Datenlogger, Multimeter und Temperaturmessgerät
    • Multi-Anschluss für mehr als ein Gerät
    • Automatische und manuelle Messbereichswahl
    • Effektivwertfunktion
    • Großes Display für einfaches Ablesen der Daten, hintergrundbeleuchtet
    • Messverfahren: AC/DC, V, A, Ω, Hz, F, dB, °C, °F
    • Integriertes Bluetooth Modul
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