Brake chopper

A brake chopper is used to monitor the DC link voltage in a frequency inverter […]


Calibration is defined as the comparison of measurements of a test […]

Calibration Service

A calibration service is a service with which any deviations and inaccuracies […]

Capacity Measurement

A capacitor consists of two mutually insulated metal plates […]

Control measuring instruments

Measuring instruments can easily be controlled using a variety of interfaces […]

DC resistance

The electrical resistance of a conductor is essentially dependent […]

Digital multimeter

A digital multimeter is a device for measuring various electrical characteristics […]

Effective resistance

For an ohmic resistance or an effective resistance […]

Electric and magnetic SI units

Analogies can be found between the electrical circuit […]

EMI Filter

Performance driven EMI filters are used to regulate and protect sensitive […]

EN 60335

The DIN EN 60335 outlines procedures for production testing […]

EN 60601

Electro-medical devices must be tested according to DIN EN 60601 […]

ESR Measurement

Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) refers to the internal loss resistance [..]

Fan motor

Fans and their motors have become indispensable in modern industrial […]

Four-terminal sensing

A constant current source sends a constant current […]

Frequency inverter

A frequency inverter is an electronic device which enables […]

Guide for LCR Meter

In this guide you will find a few helpful tips and first steps […]


Impedance (symbol Z ) is used in AC technology as a resistor in the current […]

Impedance meter

Impedance (Z) is an important parameter, used for […]

Insulation Measurement

An insulation resistance test is a method by which the security and […]

Insulation resistance

The insulation resistance is the resistance in ohms of wires […]

Kelvin contacts

In the 19th Century Baron Kelvin lectured as Professor of Theoretical Physics […]

LCR Meter

An LCR meter can be used to determine impedance, the complex resistance […]

Leakage current measurement

Leakage current measurement is performed as part of the safety test of an […]

Leakage inductance

The term leakage inductance describes the fraction of […]

Lenz’s Law

Lenz’s Law focuses on electromagnetic induction. The […]

Marine Frequency Conversion

In the Marine industry, especially the survey world, […]

Measure Inductance

The main feature of a coil is inductance, and this is caused by […]

Measurement precision

The measurement precision refers to the deviation of […]

Measurement range

A measuring device reacts on a physical quantity, […]

Measurement speed

It is also called measurement rate or measurement […]

Motor choke

A motor choke is connected between the inverter and motor […]

Motor control

Motor controls are used almost everywhere today […]


A microohmmeter is a resistance-measuring device with which low […]

Phase angle

It describes the phase shift between total voltage […]

Phase shift

In a system with several sinusoidal functions, for […]


The term phase refers to the process of […]

Power choke

A power choke is connected between the mains supply and the inverter […]

Protective relay test

A protective relay test includes the review of protective devices […]


Temperature Control with PT100 as a protective measure for Electrical […]

Pump control

Pumps and pump controls are an indispensable part of today’s […]

Quality factor

Quality factor (Q) or coil Q-factor is a […]


Resolution is the ability of a measuring instrument, such […]

Resonant Circuit

A vibration-capable, electric connection of a coil L, and a capacitor […]

Skin Effect

At high frequencies mainly electrons at the surface […]

SMD adapter

Both the terms SMD adapter and SMD tweezers belong to the surface mounting […]


When you turn on an electrical load, so-called inrush of current flows […]

Speed Control

We come across speed control of electric motors everywhere in a modern society […]


With a transformer alternating currents can be transformed, […]

Transformer tester

A transformer tester is used for determining the quality of a transformer […]