ST2825A high-speed LCR meter is new-generation component parameter measurement instrument. It offers high measurement speed up to 20times/second, 10 frequencies from 40Hz to 100kHz, programmable signal level from 0.01V to 1.0V with step of 10mV, 5-digit resolution, multi source resistance selections, and strong measurement functions. So it is suitable for quality control on production line, incoming inspection, and component design.

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  1. High Speed LCR Meter ST2825A
    High Speed LCR Meter ST2825A
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    • New Device
    • Frequencies: 50Hz - 100kHz
    • Basic accuracy: 0.1%
    • Test parameter: |Z|, R, X, G, B, C, L, Q, D, θ(deg), θ(rad), DCR
    • Constant voltage mode for multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) measurement
    • Backlight LCD display
    • Interface: Handler and RS232C (GPIB optional)
    • Measuring time: 50ms
    • Comparator function
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