Control Cabinet from Germany

Cabinets from Sourcetronic

Cabinets from Sourcetronic

Powerful components require optimum peripherals. Sourcetronic provides the know-how to combine both. High-quality components, such as frequency inverters, built into a robust cabinet prevent downtime, reduce costs and increase productivity.

Technical Service
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Due to a choice of numerous components which can be installed, the cabinets can be configured flexibly. Compact solutions are available for all industrial applications like mechanical and plant engineering. Our drive systems are designed for all performance classes. Furthermore, we offer special solutions. These are special solar inverters for photovoltaic or individually configurable pump controllers ready. The power spectrum includes:

  • Control cabinets with low voltage for 1000 Volt
  • Control- and intvertercabinets
  • Instrumentation and control engineering
  • Control Panels
  • Switchboards

Engeneering used for

  • Wate economy,
  • Food industry,
  • Cooling tower,
  • Ventilation and
  • Construction and husbandry.

The Control Cabinets form Sourcetronic are used for regulation of air conditioning, process and mixing technology, compressors and pumps control.

We provide our customers:

Fast delivery

Sourcetronic is additionally supplier of individual components. This means that there won't be long time delays in production because all components are always stock in the warehouse. Our qualified technicians contact you directly after ordering the construction of your individual control cabinet.

High quality

Even the best components can't help without correct installation and advice. Sourcetronic makes sure, that these conditions are complied. As a manufacturer and supplier, we set standards in the quality of each component. Our highly trained specialists are able to optimally integrate them together and generate the maximum benefit for you. Our cabinets are in accordance with the current standards, DIN EN ISO 9001: 2004: 2008 and DIN EN ISO 14001 standard.

Competent support

We not only build the ideal cabinet for you - we accompany you during its selection. The Sourcetronic experts analyze your circumstances and processes and can therefore advise you the optimal select of your cabinets. If the right cabinet for your needs is found, we start with the construction and the following delivery. We also support you with the installation and connection on site.
Your satisfaction is our goal!

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  1. SPS Programming
    PLC Programming

    Price on request

    • SPS Programming
    • Simatic S7
    • Individual solutions
    Learn More
  2. Elektroplanung mit EPLAN
    Electical Planing with EPLAN

    Price on request

    • Conceptual design
    • Processing and further development of complete systems
    • Integration into existing systems
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  3. Manufacturing and installation
    Manufacturing and installation

    Price on request

    • New construction, reconstruction or extension
    • High vertical range of manufacture
    • High quality
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  4. Commissioning

    Price on request

    • Warm and cold-IBS
    • Adjustment
    • 2-phase operating test
    • 24h-plant monitoring
    • Detailed system handover
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  5. Service Instandhaltung

    Price on request

    • Prevent system failures
    • Lower disturbances
    • Increase system availability
    • Along the entire lifecycle
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