Battery Tester

Battery testers are able to determine the energy salary of different batteries precisely. For this they exercise according to device different measuring methods and measuring expiries. Among the rest, the tension, the impedance or the delivered stream is pulled up for the determination. Modern devices work digitally and dispose of many different test methods. In the Sourcetronic on-line shop you find battery tester from the ST2523 series. These are the testers ST2523 and ST2523A available which differ, among the rest, in their maximum input voltage. While the tester ST2523 is suitable for maximum input voltages of 65 volts, tester can be used to the battery ST2523A for tensions from up to 310 volts. Both devices are accommodated in a robust case which can be easily transported thanks to the integrated handle. The handle serves at the same time as an selector of the measuring instruments and allows the simply service and exact reading of the results. To the announcement the battery testers own a great TFT colour display in 4:3 formats with a resolution of 480x272 image points. All relevant information is shown clear and well readable. The Sourcetronic battery tester control different test methods, as for example the 4-leaders measurement. By means of contact check of the measuring lines and the education of authoritative values the measuring results are very exact. The exactness of the basic impedance and basic tension amounts in each case to 0.1%. Also 1 kHz of AC test is integrated for steady stream springs. The measuring results can be stored over the USB connection directly on an external USB-Stick. Numerous other interfaces like RS232 or GPIB optionally the simple connection with the PC to the automatic data capture. With to the scope of supply belong detailed operating instructions and the exact calibration from plant.

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  1. Battery Tester ST2523A
    Battery Tester ST2523A
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    • 4.3" LCD color-display
    • Constant current 100mA/10mA/1mA/100µA/10µA
    • DC voltage 100µV - 300V
    • Impedance (R, X, Z) 1µΩ - 3,5kΩ
    • 10 bins
    • Range mode Auto, hold
    • Graphical scanning and analysis
    • Foot switch trigger finction
    • Max input voltage 310V
    • Power: 198V - 242V
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