An intensive transformer test consists of scores of measurements. With the transformer tester from Sourcetronic, all important parameters are quick and easy to test, such as, for example, loss through resistances, parasitic capacitances, leakage inductance, coupled capacitances, leaking resistances, core losses and many more. Particularly important is that the transformer tester is suitable for the entire packing industry, for producers of network parts, motors, relays, inductors, transformers, ferrite-transformers and transmitters. With the pneumatic test adapter, the transformer meter is perfectible integrable into transformer testing systems. In addition to quality improving transformer measurements, also possible is the assessment of correct gauge strength, correct material selection, number of coils, correct placement between coils, quality of dielectric, isolation thickness, polarity, coil isolation, power loss, impedance, energy loss, phaseangle, leakage inductance, magnetism current, insertion loss, coil resistances und performance. The DU 7011 transformer meter is ideal for high speed tests in manufacturing and in transformer test systems or laboratories.

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