With the quick comfortable ST2882-3 Surge Tester you can check effective windings of rotation motors, AC- and DC-motors, stators, rotors, transformers and coils up to 3000V, single-phase and three-phase. The measurement equipment is expandable with resistance test, high-voltage-test, identification of agitator direction and temperature measurement. Feel free to get the Surgetester rather the Impulse Winding Tester integrated with other tests as a test-system inclusive robust adaptation kits.

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  1. Surge Tester ST2882A-3
    Surge Tester ST2882A-3

    Price on request

    • Low inductance impulse test: Down to 10µH
    • Four kinds of waveform comparison methods
    • 40MS/s sampling rate
    • Three-Phase version available
    • Voltage up to 3000 V
    • Analysis: face, differential area, corona,
      phase difference
    • 1-phase
    • remote control: Handler, RS232
    • good/bad Analysis
    • options: Scanner, USB und GPIB


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