Machinery Tester ST400-MT

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The machinery tester ST400-MT has both an AC high-voltage test 5kV AC, an insulation resistance test with 1000V DC and an earth bond test up to 25A AC. These tests enable the machinery tester to perform electrical safety tests in accordance to EN60204-1.

In case of a change of the test needs, the machinery tester can flexibly, even after the sale, be equipped with other test modules. The adaptation of the test objects can be adjusted by the large selection of different test leads and contacting units to the DUT.

The creation of test sequences is particularly easy through the touch function of the display and can be made more understandable by appropriate images and text.


  • Automatic Machinery Tester
  • Test parameter: HVAC, ISO, PE
  • Comfortable 5.7" TFT-Industrial-Touch-Screen
  • Manual operation with test plan editor, remote control
    via PC and batch tests
  • Contact and test lead monitoring
  • "4-Terminal-Sensing" protective earth test
  • Test probe with result LED
  • Perfected periphery equipment for PLC, RS232, driver,
    printer or customer specific extensions
  • Norms: DIN ISO EN 60204, VDE 113, etc.
  • Optional: DLL, Active-X, LabView driver, USB, LAN

Test Modules

  • HV-Module HVA5-100:
    • High voltage test AC
    • Test voltage 100 - 5000 VAC, potential free
    • Trip current 0.1 - 100 mA
    • Frequency 45 - 65 Hz
    • Transformer power 500 VA, short circuit current > 200 mA
    • Electronically regulated, incl. ramp function and active discharge
    • Test voltage switched on at zero crossing of voltage
  • ISO-Module DC10-CL:
    • DC Insulation resistance test
    • Test voltage 50 - 1000VDC
    • Resistance measurement 0 - 400 MOhm
    • Electronically regulated, incl. ramp function and active discharge
    • Current limited as detailed in EN 50 191
  • PE-Module AC25:
    • Protective earth test PE
    • Test current 2 - 25A AC
    • Resistance limit 1 - 500mΩ
    • Switchable to test as detailed in EN 60 204
    • Test voltage < 6 V and < 12 V
    • Electronically regulated
    • 4-Wire-Technology
    • Test probe with GOOD-NOT GOOD-LED
  • PE-Module PEP4:
    • PE-connection for mains terminal of the test object. This enables
      completely independent PE-testing, separated from HV- ISO-testing.

Technical specifications

  • X4 user interface incl. Windows CE
  • All limits freely adjustable
  • Multi-function-dial-switch "Navigation Plus"
  • Buttons: PASS, FAIL, START, LOCK
  • Main switch: "Illuminated LED"
  • "Power-ON" selftest
  • Interfaces back side:
    SPS (24V/2A), RS-232, CAN-1 (System upgrades, e.g. relay matrix)
  • Connectors back side:
    2 x HVS06C HV connectors
    2 x PE connector (incl. result LED)
    1 x safety circuit
    1 x WK400 warning lamp connector
    1 x redundant earth
  • Error report: acoustical, optical and via interface
  • User management for test plans and settings
  • Auto start function
  • Internal clock and calendar
  • Test time adjustable from 0,1 s - 99 min, endless
  • 19" design-casing: metal, light grey, RAL 7035
  • Dimensions(WxHxD): 410 x 210 x 435mm
  • Power supply: 230V, 50Hz/60Hz
  • Weight: 18-35 kg (depends on modules)
  • Safety norm in accordance to EN 50 191

What's in the box

  • Supply cable
  • Manual
  • Factory calibration