Hipot Tester ST9110

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Hipot Tester ST9110

The ST9110 hipot tester with its extensive functions offers a versatile field of application. The hipot tester can be used to wind test transformers, generators and motors as well as to test electronic components such as capacitors, coils, cores, inductors and filters. Even electrical appliances such as household appliances and non-electrical products such as wire and insulation can be tested by resistance and insulation resistance testing. In addition, automated test systems and medical equipment can be checked. All tests are ensured according to VDE standard EN50191.


  • High power: AC 5kV / 100mA / 500VA output
  • High security: High-voltage floating output design, in line with the safety requirements of EU standards EN50191
  • Electric shock protection function
  • High resolution: 7 inch 800 x 480 dots, TFT-LCD display
  • Brand-new operation interface, Chinese and English menu
  • AC voltage real part current (leakage current) test function
  • ARC detection function
  • Contact check function (OSC)
  • Breakdown voltage test function 
  • One-key screen capture function
  • One-key recording function
  • Rear panel output function to facilitate automated production line testing
  • Storage: 100 files, up to 50 steps per file

Technical Data

Withstand voltage test

  • Output voltage AC: 0.05 – 5kV, Accuracy: 1%, Resolution: 2V
  • Output voltage DC: 0.05 – 6kV, Accuracy: 1%, Resolution: 2V
  • Current test range AC:0.001mA – 120mA (Voltage <= 4kV); 0.001mA – 100mA (Voltage >4kV), Accuracy: 1%, Resolution: 1µA
  • Current test range DC:0.0001mA – 25mA, Accuracy: 1%, Resolution: 0.1µA
  • Output power: 500VA

Insulation resistance test

  • Output Voltage: DC: 0.05 – 5kV, Resolution: 2V, Accuracy: 1% of set value + 0.1% full scale
  • Resistance test range: 1MOhm – 50.0GOhm, Resolution: 0.1MOhm
  • Discharge function: Automatic discharge after the end of the test
  • ARC Detection AC: 1mA – 20mA
  • ARC Detection DC: 1mA – 10mA
  • Contact check function: OSC open and short: 600Hz, 0.1s

Security features

  • High voltage floating output: Leakage current <3 mA
  • Electric shock protection: 0.5mA +- 0.25mA
  • Other protection: Start protection, panel operation password protection
  • Alarm indication: PASS: short tone, green light; FAIL: long tone, red light
  • Memory: 100 groups, 50 steps per group

General parameters

  • Voltage rise time: 0.1s – 999.9s
  • Test time setting (AC/DC): 0.3s – 999s
  • Voltage fall time: 0.1s – 999.9s
  • Waiting time (IR): 0.2s – 999.9s
  • Time accuracy: +- (1%+0.1s)