ST1941 and ST1942 are two high-quality bench multimeters, ideal for precise measurements. They provide highly accurate readings and are equipped with an easy to read dual display with high brightness. The ST1940 has a 21,000 count display, while the ST1942 is equipped with a 51,000 count display. The DCV accuracy in ST1941 is up to 0.03 percent and ST1942 up to 0.02 percent. Both bench multimeters resolve up to 10uV and have a bandwidth of 100 kHz. The measuring rate is up to 25 measurements per second. The bench meter can be calibrated via an external interface. Comparator functions (HI/IN/LO) provide a rapid sorting of measured values.
Test leads, (black and red), connection cable, instruction manual and factory calibration certificate are included with the delivery of the devices.

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  1. Digital multimeter ST1941
    Multimètre ST1941
    319,00 €
    Excl. 19% TVA
    379,61 €
    Incl. 19% TVA
    • Affichage à 4 1/2 chiffres avec 21 000 comptes
    • 750 V C.A/1000V C.C.
    • Précision du test jusqu'à 0,02 % (DCV)
    • Bande passante jusqu'à 100 kHz
    • Fonction de fonctionnement mathématique multiple : %, dB, dBm, REL
    • Interfaces : RS232
    En savoir plus
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