LCR Meter

Are you someone who are looking to have a test on parameters such as inductance, impedance, resistance and capacitance of your component; then there is a test equipment available today in the market. This is nothing but LCR meter that measures impedance, resistance, inductance and capacitance of a component. And guess what. now, it is possible to get this electronic measurement equipment through online.

Sourcetronic is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic testing and electronic measurement equipments, who provides these high quality equipments. The other products on offer from us include: solar cells, earth tester, milliohmmeter, hipot tester, impedance analyzer, oscilloscopes, insulation tester, high voltage relay, electrical safety tester, transformer tester, microohmmeter, digital multimeter, relay tester, surge tester, etc.

Significant factors regarding buying LCR meter from us include:

•    You can avail LCR meter from us at affordable prices; it performs quickly and also works at your convenience.
•    Along, we provide tips and guidelines that will address some of its functions and features, and will assist in providing insights about accuracy discrepancies that are likely to be seen in certain settings.
•    At the end, what you have gained are electronic products with high quality specially designed for the industrial practices.

Sourcetronic, headquartered in Germany is a leading online electronic devices provider that focuses on electronic measurement and manufacturing services. We provide standard and customized electronic measurement instruments and systems to electrical and other industries. So without any second thought you can call us to order your product.