ST130 | Initial commissioning – What do I have to observe (motor data)?

Before commissioning a frequency inverter, it is essential that the factory settings are loaded y0.00 = 1. Then the rated motor data […]

ST500 | Change display (rpm)

In order to have another value displayed by the frequency inverter during the process, e.g. the output voltage or the current, parameter […]

ST500 | Switch on torque boost

If the motor has too little torque in the lower speed range when using V/f operation, you can improve this by using […]

ST9000 | Activate Panel Potentiometer – Control Motor Frequency via Dial

The frequency inverter ST9000 has a potentiometer on the panel, which can be used to adjust the motor frequency. For this purpose […]

ST9000 | Change display settings (r/min)

To display a different value during the process on the display, the value of F6.01 must be changed. This parameter is specified […]