ST9000 | Change display settings (r/min)

To display a different value during the process on the display, the value of F6.01 must be changed.

This parameter is specified by four hexadecimal digits.

First, the value to be displayed must be chosen.

Display Einstellungen

Now a binary code must be created, where the desired value is set to 1.

Example of revolutions / min:

0100 0000 0000 0000

This binary code is then converted into a hexadecimal code:

7 0 0 0

This code, consisting of 4 hexadecimal digits, is now entered in parameter F6.01.


Revolutions / min must be set in the same way, for parameter F6.04.

This gives the ratio between frequency and rotation / min and can be any value from 0.0001 to 6.5.