ST500 | Switch on torque boost

If the motor has too little torque in the lower speed range when using V/f operation, you can improve this by using the “Torque Boost” function.

This is easy to adjust, only two parameters need to be changed.

With F4.01 (torque boost 0 – 30%) you can influence the strength of the effect. It is best to feel your way to the best value for your application.

If the value is set too low, the motor may have too little power to set the load in motion. A value that is too high can lead to overexcitation of the motor, which reduces efficiency and can lead to higher currents and heat generation.

If the parameter value is set to 0.00, the frequency inverter automatically calculates the required value based on the measured stator resistance.

The limit frequency F4.02 can be used to define the frequency above which the torque boost should no longer be active.

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