ST9000 | Program Sequences – PLC Programming

With the frequency inverter ST9000 it is possible to let run program sequences timed. A site of operation would be a grinding machine where the direction has to reverse in getting the same procedures to align the abrasive new. After triggering the Run command, the PLC program is started. At an interruption the program continues on from the last program point.
It is possible to define 16 successive program sequences with up to four different brake and delay times.

PLC programming:

F0.03=7 Frequency control via the PLC program
E1.16=2 Continuous PLC program flow
E1.17=11 Resume from the last position in case of interruption
E1.51=0 Reference frequency (E1.00)
E1.00=100 Stage0 100% of the frequency F0.19 FWD
E1.18=3600 1 hour forward
E1.19=1 Braking time / acceleration time 2 (F7.08, F7.09)
E1.01=-100 Stage1 100% of the frequency E1.00 RWD
E1.20=3600 1 hours backwards
E1.21=2 Braking time / acceleration time 3 (F7.10, F7.11)
F7.08=4 Acceleration time 4sec
F7.09=2 Braking time 2sec
F7.10=10 Acceleration time 10sec
F7.11=3 Braking time 3sec